Where Are We on the End Times Timetable?

Mideast expert Joel Rosenberg shares his thoughts on book of Ezekiel, how world leaders are reacting to events in light of the Bible, and how Christians should be looking at seeming apocalyptic scenarios.



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  1. do you realy think god will let isreal persecute the poor the way it is doing and not correct it ? when will they learn god is a god of love . he has corrected them time and time again. only this time the whole world will be corrected to

  2. "holy" roman army has always been Germany, so I presume the king of the south will be iran. there will be blood. don't laugh too hard muslims. your baal moon god worship of allah wont save you. look at your countries right now?   -repent and come back to have NO hope with a mohammad who isn't even related to Ishmael. we cant hold a grudge FOREVER and turn and worship other gods who hate, can we?   apparently yes. its very sad. and possessed by the demon you worship. allah.

  3. We are within 10 years to the world's end based on the fig tree parable. The dying fig tree Jesus cursed was Israel's 70AD destruction, Psalms 90:10 gives us 80 years for the passing of a generation, Israel's 1948's reclaiming their land was the fig tree's budding which gives us 2028 for the completion of this civilization. What "Spiritual" Time Is It found at gives us additional events that, should Trump leave office before this term is completed, seal the truth of that interpretation of the parable.

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