Teacher Fired for Not Addressing Transgender Pupil as Boy

A former Texas educator filed a federal discrimination complaint against a learning center in Katy, Texas, after being fired for refusing to address a 6-year-old girl as a transgender boy.



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  1. If this girl had said that she was now a giraffe and the teacher refused to feed her some hay would the teacher have still been fired? I had to play this video a couple of times to even conceive of this actually happening. This one reminds me of the actual court procedure of a Muslim woman who "demanded" that her driver's license DMV identification photo be taken while wearing her head and face covering. She was of course refused such an ignorant request, but the point is, the judge didn't charge her with contempt for wasting the court's time and taxpayers money. The parents of this girl need to seek deliverance before there more problems.

  2. A 6 year old does not know what their gender is, if you ask any 6 year old why they think they are a boy or a girl they won't be able to answer. Why are people trying to confuse children who don't even have developed brains or even hit puberty yet?

  3. A 6 year old does know if they are a boy or girl and usually most cases at that age being transgender the parents allowed there child to change because even at 6 the kid becomes distressed and as parents they know what is best for THEIR child. It doesn't happen over night but it starts off young for a lot. You don't think a 6 year old girl knows she is a little girl? Or a 6 year old boy not knowing there a little boy? The people with that negative comments are not even educated on this subject. This child most likely has gender dysphoria and especially at the age if he wants to be a boy so early on he is going to continue his life that way. I don't disagree with the teacher getting fired. Also, I don't care about the negative responds I will probably get for this I won't respond to any lol Just had to comment after seeing all you uneducated close minded people.

  4. Man I don't care what you want me to call you, that is none of my business. I will call you what ever you identify as, that is not worth losing my job over. Especially if I am only teaching you for a year.

  5. We need a new word for people with xy and xx chromosome.. coz the word male female him her etc nowdays no longer refers to peoples genetics instead refers to what they identify as. An xy and xx chromosome can be a man or woman depending on what they choose to identify as. So we need a new word for xy and xx.. any suggestions? Please let me know…

  6. Just because her parents made a mistake by allowing her to become something else,does not mean that all people condone their decision.if you want to let your child pretend and believe they are not what they were intended to be that's your choice,not ours.we know right from wrong. You cannot force someone to believe like you.the teacher should get a raise for being Honest.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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