In the Name of Honor: Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America

Even legal immigrants can bring problems into our country. A practice called female genital mutilation, predominantly seen in Muslim-controlled countries, is now an issue in the U.S.



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  1. CBN first u say 29 Muslim controlled countries first lie Count the countries on part of Africa ur showing they not even 29 countries count it for urself people there r only 23 pointed countries they are showing 2nd lie and most of these countries r Christian majority and other religious minorities and huge majority Of orthodox Christian like in Ethiopia . Kenya Uganda Egypt chad C.A.R Cameron togo Ghana cote divoire guinea Benin sierra leone guinea bissau 16 out 23 r Christian and other religious minorities thats the 3rd lie and look it what ur doing CBN making money of these stories which based of lies how can u guys live with that how you guys go to sleep at night spreading this hate between religions color race beliefs so stop blaming just Muslims and there religion of ISLAM there are do the same too they r not muslims

  2. Muslim women are virtuous because they are genitally mutilated? this is what islam believes. This is sanctioned torture. Islam is a MAFIA, a sick backward faith that needs to be banned, and put on trial for every heinous act that is written.

  3. A criminal offence for which 20 years, no probation or short time, by ANY in direct knowledge. As it is a crime to NOT interfere with an on-going criminal assault, tsuch should be enacted as a major crime. Doctors should be executed! American aid to these countries should stop!

  4. It is a pre-islamic cultural ritual that existed even after islam… islam doesnt permit this sick act at any means. It didnt heard of this in 20 years of my life. People mix their cultures with religion without any knowledge. Very sad 😞

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