'Operation Exodus' Helping US Jews Return to Israel

Seeing Jewish people return to Israel is literally watching Bible prophecy unfold. Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel speak of the Jewish return to their ancestral homeland.



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  1. this is god's work. Oh? The Haredi jews say that only the messiah can undo the diaspora. I don't see swords beaten into ploughshares yet. Prayer doesn't work. It has been tested. Zionist propaganda perhaps? It's ironic that the children of israel got the promised land through genocide, sexual slavery (those women who have not known man by lying with him you may take for yourselves), and the jews themselves experienced genocide by the nazis and then become nazis themselves by visiting genocide on the palestinians. The Neturei Karta appear to be right even if they do look like Lithuanians from a couple of centuries ago. The title of the late great Christopher Hitchens's book "god is not great… religion poisons everything" appears to be right. Now Matt Dillahunty and Prof Sean Carroll (god is not a good hypothesis) appear to be taking up the baton. The world's greatest scientists are so often Jewish far beyond the proportion of Jews in the world and 20% of Nobel prize winners are Jewish but they are or were all atheists. I used to love to listen to the holocaust survivor Rabbi Hugo Gryn on English radio's "Thought of the day" and the movie of his autobiography "Chasing Shadows" is beautiful and on YouTube. He showed that a person can be religious and still be deeply compassionate and caring towards everyone. "god's work" in Israel is genocidal and intolerant again. Listen to Noam Chomsky, the great linguist and Intellectual. An atheist but deeply compassionate and empathetic towards the palestinians. He asks rhetorically how could one make a better world? Easy. The empowerment of women over how many children they have. The Haredi? Deeply patriarchal families with dozens of children. The religion of angry Yahweh the jealous sky god of war is metaphorically back. A real shame.

  2. Well a few thousand do return, but also quite a few hundreds if not thousands of Israelis have moved to America, the reason is that the taxes, high cost of living, bureaucracy kills you in Israel…so I doubt this Exodus operation is really working, what would work is some kind of economic reform to make the state of Israel more attractive to live in, from a practical point of view, since most folks are not really that religious to begin with

  3. This has nothing to do with prophecy.Jesus is the king of Israel and his kingdom is not of this world but a heavenly kingdom.the converts to Rabbinic Judaisim (a man made religion) must repent and believe in the Messiah Jesus to be saved.judaisim as known in the bible is obselete.Jesus is the full revelation of All contained in the scriptures and his great love and forgiveness found by faith in him . Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures 1Corinthians 15:3

  4. Return? They were never there before! Science have proven that these people are not descendants of Abraham. Their forefathers are mostly Khazarians who converted to Judaism. Many blacks are the real Israelites.

  5. Looks mean everything. European Jew are not Semitic and do not look Semitic. Only Arab Jew are Simitic. They originated in Central Asia with little mixture with Mongol and adopted Jewish faith around time of the Crusade to avoid attack. People there call them Gog and the Chinese call their neighbor Magog. These two group somewhat mix with each other and migrated to Europe. European Jew have Caucasian eye with Asian epicanthic fold and slim body. Epicanthic fold is biological human dominant trait. Look at Mark Zuckerberg,
    Barbra Streisand, Gilbert Gottfried… .People who are Anti European Jew are Anti Gog Magog not Anti Semitic. Every smart person notice this. Is like African trying to prove they Chinese to claim China.Stereotype Jew appearance majority in European in appearance, epicanthic fold, hook nose from when they were in Azerbaijan. Genetic migration path.

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