Why Students Don't Want Free Speech on Campus Anymore

Many college students today want to feel safe by demanding a ban on speech that makes them feel uncomfortable. This has led universities to adopt speech codes that violate the First Amendment by forbidding any offensive speech.



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  1. How will these kids survive the real world? What will they be demanding of their future bosses? I bet these kids don't mind listening & twerking to gangster rap. Their not priviledged, they are Spoiled!

  2. When there are so many restrictions you end up afraid to speak. How much different are you then from the Communists? The very people you like to call Commies! Ha ha ha you end up being like their system.

  3. The FEMINISTS are out of control & they have no right to be the thought police! Free speech is a foundation of the democratic system the END! BUT there do need to be social standards BUT not backed by the legal system!

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