Man vs. NFL, 'Concussion' Called a David & Goliath Story

His discovery set him on a collision course with the powerful players behind the NFL. Will Smith plays Dr. Omalu in the new movie, “Concussion.”



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  1. This is an amazing and valuable story. Dr. Omalu has done the world (particularly the USA) an incredible service in uncovering something that a massive number did not want to believe or even talk about because of the profound changes that would be demanded from a civilized world. In short, "If you regularly play football and repeatedly hit your head, you can (or will) develop permanent brain damage that will lead to horrific consequences". That fact now proven by Dr. Omalu and confirmed by the medical community causes all of us to think more deeply about the game – what are we really watching now that we know? What do we want to teach our children about this game? Knowing that the players are risking their lives in now a much more dangerous way than we've ever imagined, how can the game continue with the same design which promotes constant head trauma? The linemen on every play, the running backs going up the middle, the receivers being hit making a catch, and all the players hitting the ground. Their heads are constantly being pounded. Helmets? Clearly not good enough. I have watched several documentaries that dive deeply into this topic (e.g. League of Denial – The NFL Concussion Crisis). There does not seem to be very much, if any, "gray area" here and the NFL has very much been ignoring the problem (or trying to minimize with cover up). It appears the hard data will only continue to increase in support of what Dr. Omalu has uncovered (e.g. 96% of deceased NFL players examined suffered from CTE). I noted in some of my own research (albeit amateur) that the NFL has opened up the discussion more in recent years to promote that it is addressing the head risk issue in saying that the league " is dedicated to making football safer and protecting players…". Unfortunately for all of us, the NFL is still ignoring the hits to the head issue in my opinion. Again, the very design of the game appears to place players at risk. Hits to the head must be an exception and not the design. Other sports – soccer, hockey, basketball – almost every sport I can think of with the exception of boxing – hits to head are not part of the design. One might argue that in soccer, players "head" the ball to move it forward or shoot on goal. My thinking on this is that a study of soccer players for CTE probably should be done. But, I would guess that head contact with an inflated leather ball would have far less impact than a hard plastic helmet attached to a 250-300 lbs football player intentionally trying to tackle another to the ground. In summary, it would be naive to think that head injuries in any sport would be completely avoided. However, it appears that football's design is far more problematic than any other ball game. I pray that a solution is found to protect the players long term. Thank you for reading.

  2. I love how they put words from letters spelling concusion in every shot…so you be like what was that film they talk about? What is that thing under flower…it's a sign and it spelled concosion…oooh the movie name…

  3. If I could play in the NFL and pacifically play for a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers which is my favorite team I would do it in a heartbeat despite the risks on my body and brain. Three major reasons first reason an NFL football player will make more money and just one football season then what most people have in their entire lives some players will make between $50000 to $150,000 in just one game. The second reason is a chance to shed inmortality. If an NFL player's career is good enough he'll be remembered in the city if you can win a couple Super Bowls he'll be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame where even a century can go by after his death and people will learn about him and his career. Everybody only gets one chance in life and these guys get a chance to make a life worth remembering. In the third region football has affected my life more than any other sport I played high school ball it may need a much more stronger individual both physically and mentally I've seen it give kids ability to work together with others to work with him Authority to work as a team and work towards goals turn boys into men good men the kind of men who pay taxes work hard for their money we don't break the law and you make great husbands and fathers. my life has not been easy I've had more than my fair share hardship and every time I watch the Steelers play football and makes my life feel better see you then win a Super Bowl makes my life feel wonderful despite whatever is going on my life good or bad. And it doesn't require any drugs or alcohol to get this feeling. I enjoy playing football when I was in high school I wish I could have played college in the NFL. But college and NFL football teams aren't looking for 5 foot 10 hundred 60 lb guys who can barely Break 5 seconds on a 40-yard dash. I'm glad this movie exists so wrong and I'm absolutely for trying to make the game safer for all of its players we all hope as fans when some of our favorite players retire that they get to live a life we wish they could never have to worry about money bills in problems that we deal with on an everyday basis. I would hate to hear with all my heart if one of my favorite players ended his life because he didn't feel happiness anymore. I'm glad this movie exists I'm glad dr. Omalu discovered CTE so that way we can try to prevent what happened to the players like Mike Webster from happening to anyone else. But all I'm saying is if I had the right body and a chance to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  4. There should have been a movie about former steelers quarterback Joe Gilliam , but the reasons is , is that so much truth would have to be told from Gilliam receiving death threats from Pittsburgh area KKK. This movie I can t understand why spike Lee haven't investigated Gilliam story on screen the way they did Brian piccolo story with Gale Sayers. Wouldn't it have the same significant with Joe Gilliam and Terry Bradshaw and the producer's of the 🎥 movie Brian song's many black Qbs don't even know who Joe Gilliam is. Where are the bright minds of yesterday today and tomorrow are at. And let jussie slomett play Joe Gilliam, his charges were dropped. Sorry he needs a job right now! 😃 😃 😃 somebody got to do it!

  5. I 💘 mike Webster a man I never knew, I am a pittsburgh steelers fans since finding out as a kid the steelers had a black QB, I might have been 12 or 13 years old at that time 1971 had been a steelers fan every since, until all this patriotism tom Brady New England Patriots B.S. Ben roethlisberger is a fake just like tom Brady is so transparent, it's been all staged by the National fake league. Free your mind and the masses will follow behind the NFL 🗑 and I'm not 👄 about the black players.

  6. This film would have been much better with a different leading man.When I watched the PBS Frontline Documentary about this Man who is just trying to do the right thing and he is stomped on by the NFL …. I though the only person who should play him is Indris Alba. Yes Will Smith can act but this requires a high level of attention to very specific details that Alba would have really been perfect for.

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