A Doctor in the House: Wife Unveils the Real Ben Carson

Ben Carson is known as a neurosurgeon, an outspoken commentator on national issues, and now a contender for the White House. Now Candy Carson is introducing the public to the private side of her husband.



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  1. the only truly honest candidate, not being motivated by money or ego ….and though his critics downplay him ,he will be honest and will do what he says he will do ,there will be no buyers remorse. shall know them by their fruits

  2. But they love trump.. smdh..
    Carson wants to raise rent on poor people living in public housing.. creating more homelessness including children.. she almost got away with ordering 31,000 dollars worth of furniture .. with taxpayers money….there’s Benghazi she said? … well now there is trump and stormy Daniels, Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, tax cuts for the rich … scandals upon scandals, thievery and callousness … I wish they would stop bringing up God.. their ways are very ungodly.. I think they worship a different God from the one that is in the Bible …

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