Pakistan Army Chief: 'We'll Wipe Iran Off the Map'

Pakistan’s army chief is warning that if Iran threatens Saudi Arabia his country will strike back. It’s the latest sign that the tensions between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran are spreading throughout the Middle East.



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  1. to all iranian brothers, be careful of these jews,do you heard at last the news is from israel to divide muslims iran is pakistan's brotherly neighbour.Chief said we will not let the enemy of Islam succeed….

  2. Dirty Journalism by CBN News, Pakistan Army Chief never said what you're quoting here, rather Pakistan Army Chief is playing a leading role in defusing the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia and part of that mission is he's visiting both Saudi Arabia and Iran on (18th and 19th Jan, 2016 respectively) to be an effective mediator to solve all problems.
    shame on CBN News.

  3. What a load of utter rubbish !!! Pakistan would NEVER say that about Iran . Iran is culturally and religiously close to Pakistan no matter the political differences and perceived support of Saudi !
    For example of that was the case Pakistan would have entered yeh Yemen war .
    Don’t believe this fake news . Pakistanis support the Iranians for the most part , maybe you have a few extremists that are payed by gulf Arabs but that’s very much a minority.
    It’s infact insulting to any Pakistani to say it would wipe Iran out ! Our Muslim neighbour who we have had cultural and religious ties to for centuries ! Pharsi was even the second language in Pakistan upto recently !
    What a ridiculous statement

  4. And for the record ….. to all you Christians out there ( orthodox excluded )…… all the Sunnis know what the western powers are trying to do and we won’t do it . You won’t ever see a fully fledged Shia Sunni war. You have skirmishes of a few groups of so called Sunni extremists and Shia militias …. but that no way is a Shia Sunni war . On the contrary, there are many many Sunnis from places like Chechnya and Dagestan even Afghanistan and Pakistan who are fighting alongside the Shia and Syrian Army against the western backed groups .
    I predict that the USA will be dragged into a war because of a certain tiny nation …… some Sunnis will fight with it but the majority will join their Shia brothers . It will be a disaster. Don’t go there please

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