All Grown Up: Girl from 'Not Without My Daughter' Shares Her Story

The movie “Not Without My Daughter,” starring actress Sally Fields, was told from the mother’s perspective. Now, two decades later the daughter Mahtob Mahmoody tells her own story.



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  1. We grew up in a Roman Catholic home and my father was abusive. My poor mother had no voice! She lived in terror until she turned 65 and I went to the police. They supported my Mother but she did not know how to live on her own. So she went back. He never hit her again but the emotional abuse she lived under was terrible! I will never ever forgive him or the church for allowing this to happen to two innocent children, always blaming my sweet kind mother!

  2. Her story is not just about domestic violence. It is a cultural practice and belief that women and children are properties of men. Unless people recognize and admit the difference, this lesson will never be learnt.

  3. I dont listen to you any more because you promote Christmas telling "true story of Christmas", which is lie its are lying to people about a pagan festival that has been portrayed as christian.its detestable.God hates that.sacrifices today are a blasphemy.yes but she was a divorcee and disobeyed the Lord by marrying a non believers.and do t have to go back to some one who repeatedly hurts you .you are supposed to separate from disobedient christians.and lupus has herbal remedies and try keto genic diet and dr berg advice on nutrition that affects it.I can rember if its wheat juice grass that helps leaky gut you'll have to seek for daughter was kidnapped by ss in UK she was taken with out court order when I was proven no risk.

  4. Strange things……… dear woman……… you tell us of a celebration in your honor by committing a murder of an innocent creature….. What's wrong with you to be speaking in this way……. and you're smiling……… Wow…… I turned your video off and never saw the rest of it…… Dear woman, you ought to have your mind and your heart examined by your soul……… and see what it things of this……………..

  5. Cat nap is correct. I completely agree. It is hard enough for different races to mix due to families not accepting one or the other. But to mix cultures is a big no. One would have to give up for the other, hence losing one's own self. This story is the perfect example of what happens. And especially nowadays anyone who would marry from over there would be just crazy. No just no.

  6. The movie was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. I cannot imagine how much fear there was but also how much inner strength it must have taken for you and your mom to escape the country. I can hardly wait to read the book.

  7. When I visited my parents I chose not to go back to my husband who had choked me and kept me in our bedroom when he was furious with me over petty things. My husband didn’t know where I was. My parents encouraged me to reconcile. Then this movie cam out. My parents agreed to go with me. This movie saved my life because my parents understood and brought me to a woman’s shelter where I learned how to keep my children and myself safe. I lived in terror for 20 years until he passed away (from cancer)

  8. I've watched all 3 stories. From Bettys to Sayed and mahtobs… Maybe they went through tough times, but I have to say there are holes in betty and mahtobs story. I know her dad spent many years trying to talk or see his daughter… We Will NEVER know the whole truth…

  9. My father was very abusive with my mom that she had to escape with me and my younger brother, and we are Hispanic
    Tbh every race or culture they are bad seed men
    I married a Indian Muslim man and he is way better then any man I have ever been with have two kids with him
    People will tell me jokes about this just cuz he is Muslim so I will tell them stop being ignorant
    They’re kind men helping her and her mom escape
    Like I said not all of them are like that my husband is great father and great husband
    But not my father
    I did forgive him but I don’t talk to
    Him much

  10. a very controversial case due to the difficult relationship of USA and Iran – things got mixed together
    I see it as a story of domestic violence and cultural differences – and I very much admire this woman for her courage
    but I do not agree with USA pretending to have rights over the Iranian people or any people of the World
    I am not an "enemy of America", but I am very much against the shadow ("Mr. Hide") part of USA, the Imperialism part
    I am also against all predatory imperialist practices around the Globe done by any psychopath individual or regime , including the shadow part of Iran or any other country
    the fight should be against the shadow, the predatory practices, everywhere
    we must practice tolerance to protect the Earth and humanity

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