'13 Hours' Ex-CIA Contractor Talks about God's Presence in Benghazi Battle

When terrorists attacked the United States diplomatic compound and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, six members of a security team for the CIA stepped up to defend hundreds of Americans.



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  1. These guys are amazing!!! and the truth needs to come out, Warriors for sure! everything he is saying reference feeling God when over seas i could relate to, he took me back with his words, as i Contracted Iraq etc, and so true knowing and having faith i feel got me through!, i worked along side American brothers, just like Tanto, they will always be my brothers, huge respect!!! i come from down under, thankyou Tanto and the other lads. Stay safe God Bless. Kiwi.

  2. He's very apt for this purpose. This account is strikingly similar to the wording with which he told it to Meghan Kelly. I don't say he's misrepresenting, but it's a fine line between telling plain truth and crafting a narrative intended to sway people emotionally. This is over that line. It is only one of the things that endangers truth.

  3. This is such a sad time that it has been over two years, and justice still has not been had. OBAHMA and Hillary set this Benghazi deal up. The embassy was under attack and they were begging for help. Our allies said they could scramble 16 FIGHTER JETS THAT THEY COULD BE THERE IN 20 minutes. No approval was given. I do feel OBAHMA and Hillary set this all up, during the crisis, all staff stayed at work, Hillary went back to the secured place and went to bed. To me this was the first TIME AN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT SAT BACK AND DID NOTHING TO SAVE ALL THE BEGGING CRIES FOR HELP AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. MAKES ME SICK, BUT OUR INVESTIGATIVE TEAM WILL ARREST THOSE INVOLVED, TO BRING JUSTICE TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED.

  4. I fault the local police and their upper control. You can not tell me they did not know. It wasn't until the world knew what was happening that they sent in their troops. Assume there are good ones but they did not show up during the 13 hours they were needed and could have prevented this whole mess.

  5. These guys are amazing, and it's said in the movie in a conversation between Jack and Rone…"warriors aren't trained to retire". I think that's what Tanto is referring to when he talks about going back, and would go back in a heartbeat. He misses the brotherhood of having the forged by fire warrior brothers at his side, protecting each other as well as the other Americans stationed there. He misses doing what he was put here to do, we are all here for a purpose and his calling is obvious….warrior, plain and simple. My deepest respect for Tanto, Tig, Oz, Jack and Tyrone "Rone" Woods and Glen " Bub" Doherty, the two who gave their lives not only in in defense of their brothers, but also trying to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and IT/Tech Sean Smith and all fellow Americans who were there. To those of us that are patriots, your actions will never, ever be forgotten.

  6. What Tonto doesn't think about is, what about the God of the Libyan people? What about the Brothers he left behind, where was god for them? Where was god on 9/11 ? Why is YOUR god more right or righteous than someone elses? Why didn't you just quit after your service, why join blackwater why join grs? is it because your programming is too strong. 9 years in the suck got under your skin. Just like America should never have been in Iraq or Afghanistan. You the C.I.A or Ambo Stevens should NEVER have been there. Then none of this would had to have happen. So "GOD" had nothing to do with it. It's all just programming and chemicals in your brain Kris. I hope you find the peace you desperately need. I just wouldn't look to God for it, he's busy killing kids with cancer.

  7. God bless you all and you are hero's of the Çriminal dangerous violence hatred of money involved,and how bad and.violence the crooked creek liars murders who designed the crime scene God bless President Trump and you service men and bless the families of the Victims.

  8. Love that movie. Watched it sooo many times. What our guys did, there's just no words good and strong enough to describe. They are the true red, white and blue heroes. I thank you with all my heart! God bless you all.

  9. I know what he means when he does a flashback. It's very real and you relive that moment. But I can say there's nothing better than being a part of a team and having those good friends.

  10. I have to disagree, was stationed in Kandahar and other surrounding areas. I knew a ton of atheists who were still atheists during multiple fire fights. Sorry brother. I can respect your faith, but there are plenty of atheists that serve, and they didn't change their beliefs just because a few bullets started flying.

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