Jewish Exodus from Western Europe Sets New Record

Jewish immigration to Israel from Western Europe has reached an all-time high in an exodus mainly caused by a spike in anti-Semitic attacks from Islamic radicals.



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  1. Jews are also welcome in Australia and New Zealand.The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand both have Jewish blood in their veins.Jews bring prosperity and improvement in society.More Jews,please.We are friends of Israel.

  2. Once Europe turns into an islamic shithole then Israel is one of several Jewish-friendly destinations to move to. Another one is USA ofcourse. I won't mention my secret Jewish locations, because those are classified. Let's just say you have to think three-dimensional. I won't give away any more hints.

  3. Rubbish ! new Zealand initiated the vote of the Unesco denying the link between Jerusalem and the Jewish people! New Zealand was created and built on land stollen from local populations in order for the British government to store his convicts …

  4. well yea, what do you expect when the idiots load up those countries with Muslims??? funny how the fake news doesn't talk about antisemitism when Muslims are causing it…not here in the west anyway.

  5. Why wear the kippa? Is it very mandatory or as important as separating diatary products from milk in a system of kosher.

    Maybe if i was a Jew I would not be wearing " Jewish clothes " and a kippa in the streets of Paris if the streets are not safe.

  6. As of todate, in all European nations, the world might see many people in derssed in either black or white bedsheets, walking around in ghosts like figures. The women dresses all in black, like ninjas, wlth only their eyes visible to the public and the men, all dressed in white bedsheets, as though they have awaken up straight from bed to go to their workplaces. These are the islamic muslim Arabs.

  7. “Beat it Jew MF’er’s now you will make life miserable for the Palestinians before Kim Jong-Un’s Nukes and the Ayatollahs IRBM’s can make Jerusalem ‘Pure’ and with a few ice cold Corona’s and half a dozen kosher chicken chimichangas too boot!!!” 🔥🇮🇱🔥💀🔥🐀🔥🐍🔥🤮🔥🕍🔥🧛🏻‍♂️🔥🐷

  8. this whole things is nuts but it is very much what the bible says will take place and it is now doing this…we are now nearing the end…i think i am still somewhat in shock that this is all happening so quickly now…its 2019

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