Leaky Gut Got You Down? How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases affect at least 50 million Americans, causing pain and discomfort many think they have to learn to live with. But Dr. Amy Myers shares in her book, The Autoimmune Solution, how to reverse this … …



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  1. What about the people saying there are no studies done to prove that leaky gut is a real issue. Doctors saying there's no proof that it even exists and any benefits that people are experiencing are just from eating a healthy diet that makes people feel better anyway.

  2. I followed the AIP diet and it has improved my symptoms in a short period, they say it was temporary and I can reintroduce foods to my diet, I eat eggs now, and recently included dairy back, only cheeses for their lactose quantity. Not sure if I made the right decision! It's been a long journey anyway, I have vitilogo and I decided to change my diet after I was fed up with doctors and the medications they give you to shut off your immune system so it doesn't attack anything at all! I said to myself, I wouldn't be happy if I got cancer and my body failed to treat it! Plus there's nothing wrong with following a healthy diet or a diet that makes you feel better! Now I'm on keto, because I think that carbs are sugars and are as bad as poison. I'm trying to be flexible with my diet so I can maintain it for longer.
    Wish you a successful battle with your illnesses y'all!

  3. these alternative 'doctors' claim to know it all but in truth each one only knows a segment of the truth. Symptoms may be an effect of molecular mimicry or it may be histamine issues, or something else. Trust noone but yourself. Doctors have a history of 'getting it wrong' leeches etc. When you get really sick you begin to realise how little we as a species know about our own health.

  4. Everyone is different so not everyone will have to go to extremes to affect a change. If you are looking to just clear it up without finding your trigger foods then a blanket avoidance like advised here is one technique. However, I think it is important to know what it is that affects you most so slowly adding back in and monitoring is crucial. These avoidances aren't permanent by the way – most people can slowly add back in and keep a lot of the foods they avoided to clear up the leaky gut. For example, unless you have shown an intolerance for lactose, avoiding dairy won't be necessary long term. Others, like avoiding wheat flour and inflammatory seed oils, is something that should be long term and for just about everyone as well as staying far, far away from processed foods of any kind.

  5. Make your own bread- from khorasan (ancient UNCHANGED wheat) This is all MONSANTO and BAYER's fault 🙁 Also look into healing candida- another cause besides antibiotics and GMO's.

  6. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey tastes alright- take that before eating a meal and it causes stronger stomach acid- yes we are all having low stomach acid which can not break down the food we eat. NO antibiotics- it blows holes in the gut and is the cause of leaky gut. I use colloidal silver water and if I HAVE to have antibiotics (sometimes you do) then I take kefir made from raw goats milk to correct the biome and put back the flora in the gut that the antibiotics just killed (yes it kills good bacteria too so then the bad bacteria grows and takes over).

  7. I have this which is challenging to cover up with perfume  or having  showers. This fart like smell happens  at random  I have random  fart like smells coming  from me and i didnt fart i notice it sometimes but the people  around me notice it all the time i need help everyone  thinks am dirty i have a shower/quick bath everyday because i sweat at night. When i get out of the shower sometimes  i can smell the fart like smell. I put so much perfumes on so when i meet new people they find out very quickly  why i have spray on. The annoying  thing is it happens  at random times so i cant prevent  the smell everyone  thinks its a fart but i did not fart. I went to the doctors/GP for this which was so embarrassing but they wasnt much help so i am unsure what to do.  Some days the smell isnt as strong  but you can smell it than other days especially  before or on my period  days which is the worst as i will have multiple  bad odar coming  from me. On the side note this may relate when ever  i eat i instantly have to fart.

  8. “Hear and understand: Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man." Matthew 15:11
    From my own experience, controlling the food I ate helped alleviate symptoms so I could function again however I found over time I grew worse and what I could eat became less. Overcoming fear and trusting Jesus with my life has healed me. Where before I couldn't eat gluten, dairy, nuts, sugar, potato, conventional food without being chronically fatigued and lived on organic food I now eat whatever (I just enjoyed sharing normal store bought pizza and homemade pumpkin soup with my son). Being restricted from food is not freedom. Jesus died to set us free. Repent and turn to Him and he will clean your heart and set you free. God bless you x

  9. I think i have caught and fully grabbed by autoamune desease as i also feel like this prety lady…the worse condition is tht ,i have swolen knees all the time .. doctr says it is osteoarthritis…i daill eat painkillers and bone strenthing tabs..any one help me out plz ..i will comt sucide due to my broken body and foggy brain..i have allready huge huge crises in my life but this desease make me dead…help me

  10. It sounds like she was given Prednisone. What poison. I just stopped taking it after reducing it the whole eleven weeks I was on it. What a nightmare from the random two day aches, to muscle weakness, to excruciating itching culminating in severe eczema rash on much of my torso. I resisted using their steroid cream on that and healed the rash with intense moisturizers that I make. No more steroids in my system thank you, ever.
    I was diagnosed with PMR, but my symptoms did not follow that disorder. Off the med two days and itching is less and general better sense of well being.

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