Obama Honors Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry

President Barack Obama welcomed the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors to the White House Thursday to honor their NBA championship title achievement.
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  1. remember when people actually looked at people instead of through a screen and when the rest of the world looked on the US with pride having a gentleman and an intelligent family in the White House!

  2. I wish Barrack was our president until he was too old for the position. That would be fine with me. I hope the Warriors return to the White House as champions with Steph Curry still playing. It doesn't look good now though. At the beginning of this year 2019 the Warriors were completely healthy on their way to winning another championship and now at the end of this year 2019, Kevin Durant left the team, Clay Thompson, and Steph Curry are hurt and not playing and the Warriors are in last place with a record of 5 wins and 24 loses as of this comment on 12/20/19. WTF !!

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