Elite Rescue Swimmers: Women Welcome If They're Tough Enough

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s order to open all combat jobs to women took effect last month and is now bringing new pressure not to lower standards for female recruits.



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  1. Rescue Swimmer Exercise Minimum Standard
    Shoulder Width Pushups 50
    Sit-ups 60
    Pull-ups 5
    Chin-ups 5
    500 Yard Crawl Swim Completed within 12 Minutes
    25 Yard Underwater Swim Repeat 4 Times
    Buddy Tow 200 Yds. (RS shall use cross-chest carry or equipment tow.)

    Navy SEAL minimum standard
    500 Yard Swim 12:30
    Pushups 50
    Sit-ups 50
    Pull-ups 10
    1.5 Mile Timed Run 10:30

    Coast Guard has been inadvertently showing that women can at least meet the physical standards for years (yes yes need to go much more than minimum but still). Incredible women, incredible men, go Coast Guard

  2. women have got to break, and overcome those barriers, this is a must, if the physical aspects are your challenge then start training before training, start doing pushups and hand strengthening exercises way in advance, women must stop being a negative statistic, and become successes in those spaces, this is a must. do pull ups, buy a rowing trainer, or join a gym that has them, and yes pushups are difficult even for men, they however get easier over time, with practice.

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