Mexico Believers Fleeing Catholicism – Can The Pope Turn the Tide?

Pope Francis is visiting Mexico, a country that has been a stronghold of Catholicism for centuries. But a growing number of Mexicans are leaving the faith, and the pope is hoping to convince them to stay faithful to the church.



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  1. I understand why they are leaving the Catholic Church. It happened to me and to so many friends of mine. I started to read the Bible, and it changed me. The Catholic Church relied so much on tradition, that it left very early the simple truth of the Bible.

  2. I was raised Catholic with a strong catholic family and have started reading my Bible. I have lots of question of Catholic practices. I also am looking into deep history to understand . I invite all of you who believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for us to pray to him ask for forgiveness and ask holly spirit to guide us in these dark times. 🙏🏽 only god can show us the truth if we pray with all our hearts , he guides us through the darkness. I can only pray to Our lord and savior to reveal me the truth because if you know anything of what he stood for we would understand what he really came on earth for instead of arguing about this nonsense we should all be praying to have a good relationship with him . We are closer than ever to the end of times and any true believer knows this catholic or non catholic

  3. Sara will wake up. For her 20 years from now she will sleep and wake up again. Now she is in her youth stage. Protestant ministers are coming back to the church and the Catholic youth are leaving the church because they want freedom. Once the freedom is exhausted and they know the real meaning of freedom they will return to Catholic Church. It's the parable of the prodigal son.

  4. I don't follow organized religion, I follow Jesus! Why did Pope Francis said it's dangerous to read your own Bible? Because he knows it's the straight and narrow way to God. I don't follow man, I follow God, living in the Spirit, not the flesh.

  5. Why are Protestant ministers converting to the Catholic faith? In the USA alone, 37000 protestants converted to the catholic faith in Easter 2019…Just USA, not the whole world, just 2019 alone. Why is it so? These ministers claim to know the Bible very well. I think they have come to the knowledge of the truth and seen how empty Protestantism is

  6. Catholic church developed Mexico and the entire Latin America even USA. Without the Catholic church there would not have been any development in Mexico and Latin America. Those fleeing or going to Evangelicals, what can Evangelicals offer them? Where are the hospitals, food, schools, charities which evangelicals can use to help them? They only teach them hate, singing and clapping, all fake. They claim personal relationship with Jesus, which is a lie. You can have personal relationship with Jesus through consistency in faith, prayers, the sacraments esp the Eucharist and reading the Bible. Every serious Catholic enjoys personal relationship with Jesus, it is just the foolish ones who refuse to be serious or take time to understand their faith that give room for the wind to blow them away. Mexico is a Catholic country, those fleeing the faith will not be tolerated in Mexico, they have automatically dissociated themselves with their spiritual and cultural heritage.

  7. It’s not just about completing the sacraments. We have to study our faith and keep praying to maintain our relationship with Christ. Don’t be deceived by others who will tell you you will be saved in their church. Study your catholic faith 🙂

  8. ; Because they're getting paid to do so. The Central/South American converts to Muhammadanism are the grasshoppers, of the "Grasshopper, and the Ants" Æsop fable. Just wait until they find out about no more "Fiestas", no more "Veneration of Saints", no more alcohol/"Metoctli"/Tequila"/"Mezcal", no more "psilocybin mushroom"/"Mescaline"/"Coca", no more "Dia de los Muertos", no more pork/"Cochinita pibil"/"Poc chuc", also they'll be commanded to perform the total genital mutilation of their little girls on their eighth birthday, and that the penalty for apostasy, or leaving the religion, is death.
    Muhammadanism isn't the revolving-door of Christianity.

  9. Because Mexico had its own version of Catholicism. It was like the Mormon Utah of Latin America. For example, the U.S. has no baroque churches that were built during the Renaissance, but Mexico has tons of them. They even have native American architectural elements like ultra baroque and baroque tablerado. U.S. Catholicism is too sterile and goofy.

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