Beating Cancer: How Cutting Sugar Reversed One Man's Death Sentence

Scientists believe two-thirds of all cancers are caused by bad choices such as smoking, tanning beds, not exercising and the granddaddy of them all: a poor diet.



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  1. For anyone reading this, research the Ketogenic diet. Im on the diet and to be specific and technical, sweet fruit and starchy veggies is NOT OK. Avoid at all cost. Cancer tumors WILL feed on the sugar from all fruit except the almighty Avocado which is highly recomended on the Keto diet. People like the commenter Cynthia Beckett (who says fruit is ok) is the reason people with cancer fail on the Keto diet.

  2. If cancer can't run on ketone bodies, that alone should be enough reason for everyone to stop excessive carbs. The fact that any cancer doctor would overlook/withhold this information is utterly ridiculous.

  3. I bet he's not around any more….who pulled the wool over this guys' eyes
    CANCER CELLS will use protein for fuel in absence of sugar….animal protein
    promotes tumor growth…wake up dude….he's eating steak, fried bacon, fried
    eggs, all fried in a what it looks like a non grease pan which that too is known
    to cause cancer….looks like he's enjoying his last meal before cancer claims
    him…btw you forgot the sausage links….wake up dude….

  4. Is it a real cure? Meaning once the cancer is 'gone' thru a year of ketogenic dieting, can we return to a normal diet and still keep the cancer away? And with normal, I don't neccesary mean the standard american diet but just low carb or medium carb diets? avoiding all processed foods but still eat starches like whole grains and potatoes.

  5. Medical science know this already, they want us to die because the pharmaceutical company is a multi billion dollar industry so why would they give that money up to save people…….. which is why they force so much sugar onto us and unhealthy foods so we become sick and give our money to them

  6. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 5th March this year…I had a lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy…..nothing worked..the cancer invaded my lungs..I was sent home to die (2 months to live if I was lucky)….I began removing all sugar from my diet as soon as I had my diagnosis. I have been taking apricot kernels and also bi carb soda mixed with maple syrup….my tumor marker cells are 14!!!!!! Anything below 40 is remarkable….I will continue to watch what I eat for the rest if my life…NO SUGAR… I am 64 years old….never smoked or drank prior to my cancer

  7. I totally believe in Keto and water fasting have tried it and have felt the power its AWESOME!

    With all these puppet scientists and MSM jumping on the keto train cant help but feel a little suspect!?? 🤔🤔

  8. The problem that we have to overcome is mindset, govt have been telling people for decades one thing, now they have to change their mind and tell public something differant, this highlights their stupidity, so to protect their egos they refused to acknowledge new information.

  9. I work with a 2X nominated Nobel Prize Research Scientist who HAS absolutely proven that Refined Carbohydrates, Sugar & Processed Foods lead to uncontrollable inflammation of every disease including cancer. There is also one missing link that he has discovered and that's my mission to inform people about. I have observed/know thousands of people now in the past 2 1/2 years, who have reversed serious inflammation issues/disease by using this missing nutrient in our diet and by eliminating Refined Carbs/Sugar/processed foods from their diet. Why would anyone accept a death sentence without their own due diligence and ACTION? PREPOSTEROUS!

  10. Well, any saying from all of you on Monsanto and its barbaric lab mess work with our natural food and pesticides? I started to use Turmeric (anticancerous) powder and … I get esophageal reflux with a burning up to my ear canals! Help! I am pretty sure that it is too late for us after all the damage caused by Monsanto's abusive lab work to ALL our crops and seeds!!

  11. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those fearing an inevitable death from sugar but EVERYTHING you eat turns to glucose once inside the body. That includes meats and green veggies. Water is the only non-glucose item that's consumable. If meat, cheese and greens had no glucose you would have no energy from eating them. You would faint because no glucose was in your cells. What is glucose? It's SUGAR! The body doesn't know the difference between natural and processed sugar. Just like the scream in the movies "We're all going to die!" You can reduce sugar amounts for weight loss but with no glucose you will soon be a dead man anyhow.

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