Rise of the Mahdi: The Antichrist Poised to Enter World Stage?

Dr. Michael Youssef details how some of the most violent Muslims are seeking to usher their messiah into the world. Could this figure be the biblical Antichrist?



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  1. Stupid the best for non researcher..
    Muslim n chrsitian belive 2nd coming of jesus, to kill antichrist.
    Antichrist that blind one eye, come to clain he is real jesus, jesus and mahdi will fight that antichrist

  2. Suffer for someone.

    Spread the correct message in his name.

    (Hands that create)

    Angel looking with hate and curiosity. Luca second place.

    Spread messages. Must now spread the message to help them see that you are with Prophet Muhammad.

    Jesus punished me for using the gift to See God and I was humbled on my knees.

  3. When I was in heaven GOD sent me to Jesus then i was sent to Prophet Muhammad

    Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. ISAIAH 46:4

    Suffer for someone.
    Spread the correct message in his name.
    Hands that create
    Angel looking with hate and curiosity. Luca second place.
    Spread messages. Must now spread the message to help them see that you are with Prophet Muhammad.
    Jesus punished me for using the gift to See God and I was humbled on my knees.

  4. Mahdi is not antichrist.. he will be a leader of Muslim. Then antichrist will come from Israel and Mahdi will fight and then jesus (Isa a.s) will arrive from heaven and kill antichrist in Israel's airport.

  5. This is all fake dont believe it. This is all lie. If someone wants to reply with a hate comment, brother/sister please if at all you want to know what is the truth watch an islamic channel on this topic. No hate please

  6. An Islamic Antichrist? President Erdagon? Is he a likely candidate for that man who according to Daniel 9:27 will “confirm a covenant with many”? Is he the prophesied global mega-dealer who will be wowing the world, personifying and politicizing the rising incipient “We are the World” globalism, and harnessing the raging of nations? Is an Islamic world leader likely to be the one forging a “United States of the World”, and opening the door for a harlot religious system to shoe-horn in a New World Order?

    It is quite understandable that in fearful issues we are inclined to slip into some psychological projection games and blame others while giving ourselves a pass. And as a people we find it quite comforting to point the finger at someone in the other camp as the likely Antichrist. But do we not have a serious moral declension in the West? And do we not have a God who allows His people to enter into trials and tribulations in order for them to see the error of their ways. Does He not lead them into their crises, their Teruah seasons of repentance, and when they cry out to Him their awakenings? Does He not allow these things to happen because He loves us?

    If the West is not relevant in end-time events then why do we have this flight of fancy that the Judeo-Christian people of the West will suddenly become irrelevant? Is it true that NATO, the US Superpower, the Brits, the Russians, and the Franco-German powers in the EU will suddenly and inexplicably be longer at the center stage of history?

    The prophet Daniel in Daniel chapter seven brings us the REAL story. And yes, because of one Aramaic word “qodam” we are forced to discover and find that all of those aforementioned nations, including the United States, are brought into sharp focus in this prophecy. We can see this if we have the faith, the hope, and the love in God within our hearts. It is only in this devotion that the book of Daniel is unsealed for us.

  7. Modern day media policy: tell the lies hundred times so that out 10.. 7 will believe blankly…. Spitting poison about a relegion wont last for so long… When the light of the truth establishes … Darkness dies from within…

  8. What happened to CBN ?  what a deliberate misinformation !  Pls invite  scholars like Hamza Yusuf and  ask Dr. Michael the same question and you will see how ignorant DR Michael is. Mahdi will never ask people to believe in him or follow him.

  9. Just asking, is it true that Mahdi will come from Iran and Turkey will attack Iran because of that? The rest we know the war or fire will open up towards Israel, and dejjal will go to the temple to declare he is Christ… those who don't know dejjal he is the real antichrist… how will Iran and Turkey + Russia will form an alliance to attack Israel… and will the west jump in who can tell what will this war be all about? Eyes see, and Ears hear. Wake up folks… for the hard and hidden truth shall come to light… and all goes back to 70AD when Israel was destroyed and the 12 tribes were forced into Africa! So stay awake for the truth is coming and all we know GOD is Almight… the very chosen people will be known and no more confusion! Amen*

  10. Completely wrong.I am a Muslim and whether Sunnis or Shia we don't accept him as messiah but as Dajjal meaning antichrist.Mehdi is a person from progeny of Prophet s.a.w,not a messiah.But an important personality.Stop spreading lies about other religions.Shame on you

  11. If bloodshed is related to Anti Christ then I have no doubt that Anti Christ will be supported by Christians because Christians have been killing Humanity from centuries…destroying countries, bombing cities and looting their resources. In recent past Christians have enslaved and slaughtered blacks… Abused Native Americans, made genocide of Jews and Muslims. ISIS has killed much much less than American Christians has did. We have also seen Christians killing each other few decades before… Like Russia vs America, America vs Germans, VS Combodians…. Only those can be followers of AntiChrist who can drop nuclear bombs over innocent civilians.

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