Why Anti-Israel Boycott Is a 'Mockery' of the South African Struggle

Decades after a boycott movement helped end South Africa’s apartheid system, Palestinians are gaining traction with a similar campaign – even calling Israel an apartheid state. But is that an accurate comparison?



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  1. Ahhh I misread the title. I think what, a televangelist going against Israel. I see thats not the truth. Most big time Televangelists are bought and paid for by Israel (like Hagee who got a mansion built for them by Israel). As far as South African Apartheid is that blacks from all over Africa tried and many relocated to South Africa because the standards of living were so high there. Now (post apartheid) whites are being hated and killed and the nation is now in total disarray and heading towards Civil war and……..not a peep from anyone.

  2. This system can always find or pay some Black person to support white supremacist philosophy regardless of the form it takes. With all the struggles going on South Africa currently she spend her time crusading for the apartheid state of Israel. Money causes such corruption of people.

  3. It's amazing what support for Israel can do for you, first class tickets to USA, and around world, being interviewed on the best television platforms and performing a clever act.Thank God for Israel..

  4. Quoting this Zionist Mouthpiece

    " The laws of apartheid were absolutely horrible, by law we were segregated, black and white people couldn't be together, our educational systems were not the same" Just take these 3 points made within the first 3 minutes.
    Can you critically say that these are different for Arabs living under occupation?

    I would love an answer

  5. Strange that 1948, the year that apartheid was instituted by imperialistic European gold and diamond thieves, was the same year Europe and the West enabled Zionist gold and diamond fences to squat in Palestine.

  6. were you placed in a seperage prison city? Were u rationed poisoned water? Were u denied power? Were u rationed food? Were u bombed by phosperous? Were u shot by snipers jn your thousands? If you were then it was a disgusting apartheid state.

  7. CEO of a company strictly to promote israel, i wonder how much she is paid by Israeli lobbyists. Nelson Mandela himself said he was supportive of Palestine, he's the one who fought the apartheid.
    Fidel Castro defeated the apartheid in Angola, they heavily support Palestine and don't recongnize Israel as a state much like they did to south africa during their apartheid regime

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