Homosexuality: A Christian View – Dr. Mark Yarhouse Interview

CBN News Special Report on Homosexuality: A Christian View available 3/27/16 *Stay Tuned*



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  1. People need to realize that GOD created MARRIAGE, the government didn't. And since GOD created MARRIAGE and instituted it only between a MAN and WOMEN he has the first and last word over MARRIAGE and the purpose it was created for. It was not created for PLEASURE but for RELATIONSHIP and MULTIPLICATION.

  2. So CBN is allowing this man to spew his lies? Homosexuality IS a choice…. how do I know? I CHOSE it for 30+ years and now I CHOOSE not to do it! Nobody is Created that way. How dare he even slightly suggest that anyone would be Created that way….. saying ultimately that GOD made a mistake.

    He also keeps using the pleasant, desensitizing, word "gay". Well, when I was a homosexual & transgender, I was not "gay"! I did not know Joy and Happiness until JESUS rescued me from that darkness.

    Shame on you CBN!!! Giving into the culture and lies of this society!! I guess you promote conversion therapy as well. {{SMH}} I am so disappointed in CBN!

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