Sign of the Times: 'Temple of Baal' to Go Up in New York, London

A reproduction of the Temple of Baal is coming to New York’s Times Square next month as a tribute to the 2,000-year-old original structure that was destroyed by ISIS last year in Palmyra, Syria.



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  1. 1 Cor 3:16 Know ye not that you are the temple of God and that His Spirit dwells within you? What will this archway to Baal, a pagan deity, wherein babies were burned alive and all manner and practices of sexual immorality were practised, represent to your nation?

  2. today I want to give you a guide line to follow and that guideline I believe will solidify your place into the kingdom where you can have a mansion in the kingdom.. apply these 7 practices into your everyday life and watch how the Holy Spirit transform your life
    1 how much time you spend reading the word
    2 obedience of his commandments
    3 tithes
    4. Evangelizing
    5 how much time we spend praying
    6 offerings
    7 how much time we spend serving..

  3. The UN is sponsoring this madness. The UN is a giant den of snakes. Please pray for God to bring judgement on them.  They are not helping the planet they are trying to destroy it.   The UN is a satanic stronghold that MUST be STOPPED.

  4. Muslims are the victims of Americas masskilling and tyranni. Millions of muslims are killed every year in the middle east. America have bombarded Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya aso for years, made these countries desert landscape. Just for oil, gas and war money. Using the kliché "islam is bad" as an excuse.

  5. 3:003:46 Take away belief in the God of the Bible, there is no God only the existential world, then people begin worshiping the god of this world. This pattern and problem is faced in every generation and in every person due to our ignorance

  6. +Marlo Johnson you are so right, I am so angry at the sleeping "MAINSTREAM CHURCH LEADERS " I am severely pissed off at them, how they are deceiving the people, but you know, the Bible does tell us that the last days these type of leaders will cause the destruction of many

  7. We should put a big cross in Times Square. With the name Jesus Christ on it. There that's what u should do a statue of. Make it big so u can see it from space. That will b perfect what better companion that Jesus Christ.

  8. I believe U.S.  is mystery BABYLON !  ABORTION , GAY  marriage !   Jesus  kicked out of schools  and all GOV.  property !  I believe the rapture of the true church is very near , then all hell will break loose  on the earth !  U.S.  will  fall  because  it is letting the heathens take over !

  9. Baal is Allah and molech worshiped by the romans from where the roman church also derives who bout about christianity and the church system that the apostles didnt even got themselves involved in. Baal is islam,

  10. yup the church is asleep. Also, this was not advertised very much so no one knew about it. That's like building a monument to Hitler. Why duplicate something that received the sacrifice of babies, Dont they know???? Its just horrible

  11. Christianity can’t stand competition just like Islam. But it won’t be a competition. It’s our time now. Yahweh demanded first borns. He slaughtered all the first born Egyptians all because he was mad at one dude: the Pharaoh. Why didn’t he kill him instead? Because he’s a sick immoral monstrosity. At least Phoenician women were bankers, warriors and free. Your women are a weak disgrace even today. It is Christianity, Judaism and Islam that are the abominations. Not us.

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