Blood on Their Hands: Europe's Immigration Lie

When it comes to immigration and open borders, Europe has been dancing with the devil for years. But now the bill has come due in the form of crime, chaos and terrorism. CBN’s Dale Hurd reports on how European leaders deceived their own people.



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  1. Islam and Christianity don’t mix! Muslims hate any religion that is not Islam! They take advantage of the hospitality that the free world offers them! My heart goes out to all the victims of these terrorist attacks by these thugs who want to take over!

  2. But what if we stopped all those wars…….. would not that be the best solution for everybody….?? Who wins on wars…? I guess those who sells and make weapons … banksters…….. (or some politicians with a hidden agenda) etc…

  3. "You don't get in jail, you loose your job (and your savings) and become socially stigmatized". THIS!

    In a certain other Scandinavian country neighboring Sweden the control is so complete that the truth still has not come out. And it most likely won't.

  4. The simple fact that the 700 Club ("CBN") has become one of the very few reliable news outlets should terrify all of us. Europe is on the edge of an internal version of world war three, and once that kicks off, we are automatically involved through dozens of "Mutual Defense Treaties". No matter where the immigration invasion starts the war, it will be global in months or weeks. Prepare now – Know where and how you plan to weather this storm, because unlike in WW2, nobody will be living in a safe haven.

  5. please start pinpointing the source of the lies.
    Multinational banks and the EU itsself.The monolitjic communist organization is the operating face of these banks.
    serach nigel farage eu parliament on you tube.15 years he has been fighting them.

  6. yes,good ingrid has extremely good information.peideia,etc.. but sweden is far far from a one year sweden will again be out of has unreported,already bailed sweden out but in one year they charter sweden agreed that if they had budget shortfalls they would remedy has no obligation.they can but it depends on france.if france frexits after a no confidence on macron eu will have to bail sweden out.after this year though,regardless due to back breaking taxes,doubled unemployment and towering debt they will be operating fully upon debt only.a third world country.
    the most fiscally prudent purse zippers on earth are broke.

  7. Everyone check this out . The barcelona and marrakesh declarations and the plan for a Eurabia that are elites and governments have signed up TOO. All for oil from middle eastern and money from the jewish banks .There is a religious war going on from jews and Muslims ie israel 🇮🇱 and Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 against the white Christian nations . The people have been sold out time to wake up and take back are lands before its to late .

  8. Yes , In my opinion Politicians, The Media, The Police, in Europe is totally corrupt. No more immigration into Europe and that is it! Unless something extreme happens fast Europe is lost, and will never recover. We have undergone a coup d'etat in Europe, very sneaky, very quiet but a Coup d'etat nonetheless.What to do now? Well who are the guilty people who inflicted this situation upon all of us law abiding, tax paying peaceful people. Generous people! Naive people. There needs to be a day of reckoning, and some kind of restitution, because these scum bags premeditated this cultural financial racial genocide, against The West.Lets just make sure that they reap the whirlwind and not us.

  9. I live in Germany in the city with the highest percentage of immigrants. This kind of nativist fearmongering is untrue and unworthy of the name Christian. It reminds me of protestant groups making up all kinds of “trojan horse” nonsense about how the Irish and the Italians were going to destroy America in the 19th century.

    Welcome the stranger and ignore this claptrap.

  10. Europe is doomed. The number one name in Europe was Muhammad way before the Iraq war. Long before they completely opened up their borders. Europeans are not having babies. Islamic immigrants are. Europe will be a Muslim in 20 years.

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