Anne Graham Lotz: I Believe I Will Live to See the Return of Jesus

Anne Graham Lotz: I Believe I Will Live to See the Return of Jesus



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  1. I totally agree with Anne; it is faith based the solution for America; return to Faith now! Would it not be so wonderful to
    pray so fervently to have the Lord save our land? So many must return to our founding faith and who we are to be. For
    if we do not; we will witness the demise and crushing of this land because of our stupidity! Pray and return to faith, NOW!

  2. God doesn't bring judgement on us; we bring the consequences of our actions on ourselves. He told us if we follow His laws we will be blessed. If we do not we will be cursed. It is called Cause & Effect, What Goes Around Comes Around, Karma, Paybacks Are Hell, or God's Law of Biblical Harvest. America Bless God Again. Bring back our church bells.

  3. May God richly bless you Anne! I share your desire and need to go so much deeper with God and intercede for our nation. We truly need to repent and turn back to God! I have joined you in your prayer crusades and was disappointed at the lack of involvement in relation to the amount of people who claim to love God and put Him first. It just doesn't play out in our actions! We must stop being hypocrites and truly put God first in all things. He must be our first love before we understand how to love others.

  4. God will bless NO nation. Jesus will come to destroy all idolatry. "“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues". Christian nation ? Head to an Indian reservation and see what their opinion is on that one.

  5. GOD says '' I will not always strive with man''
    this is GOD removing himself from us.
    HUMBLE yourself.
    Beg for GOD's forgiveness.
    tell GOD your sorrow for your sins.
    Ask GOD to accept your broken heart.
    Thank GOD for His gentle mercy & His loving kindness to you.

  6. the Bible says in Romans that ALL the earth is groaning waiting for the return of the Lord and redemption of all. People blame the bad weather and bad things happening on global warming but it is really because people have turned away from God.

  7. If that were true why would Jesus/Yahshua have said the words to the theif on the cross? THIS DAY you will be with me in Paradise. To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord. We have an immortal soul, and we will have a new body that will never die. There is much scripture that backs up Heaven and those who are in Him are with Him. Comment for James Mccluskey

  8. I also believe we will be raptured and I'm praying for it, America to be one nation under God again. Each voting time now is serious to keep America solvent. God Bless all of you. ( Patrycja I'm praying for you ) It's simple Patrycja. Ask God into your heart. Believe he came to earth and died for you and saved you from sin. Rose again beating death, God loves you and wants you to be with him. Last, give you to him and do things he asked you to do. Anne Graham is easy to get a hold of so if you need to talk to her or her helpers who can also help. God bless you and Anne Graham.

  9. Thank you for your comments on this very important and serious subject. I believe you are totally correct and believe the LORD has been leading me and many others to the exact same conclusions. What a relief to hear you speak of the very same things! The LORD has been showing me as well the seriousness of prayer in these times. I am going to order your book, 'Daniel's Prayer'. Cannot wait to get into it. Keep up your work, Anne, many are praying for you. May GOD richly bless you, yours and your work.

  10. ITs too bad the Graham's won't give time to the best friend of JFK.Tried many times—Their people always say they are too BUSY. Guess what everybody IS busy..You need to make time for the truth as Billy used to say. BE too busy for the next person and maybe the FATHER will be too busy for YOU.
    You need to accept a small person every now and then—for we are all small..

  11. Fantastic woman of God because she’s spent the time in Gods Word and with God!
    I fasted and prayed while listening to her series 25 years ago. At the end of that week, we had our direction. I’ll never forget that voice of her’s, especially the way she says, “Jesus”. Just beautiful!❤️✝️
    I can’t get enough.

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