Christianity’s Roots in the Republic of Georgia

It was famed novelist John Steinbeck, who while traveling through the Soviet Union in 1947, referred to Georgia as a kind of second heaven. No, we are not talking about the state in the U.S., but the Republic of Georgia! Once part of the Communist empire and often called the “Riviera of the Soviet Union” the country of Georgia nestles between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. With the help of Georgian cameraman Giorgi Shermazana and Henrick Weber, CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas brings us this unique view of one of the world’s oldest Christian countries where culture, tradition and faith in Jesus Christ run deep.



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  1. Funny how this retards who have never lived in Georgia talk about traditions and religion, only few people in this country live by the rules of god, only thing they do is go to church, it's country full with rats, everyone wants to stab you in the back and take if you own something, even the goverement, great country to visit, horrible country to live in

  2. Just in case, briefly about Georgia itself.  Georgians are one of the oldest ancient European (Colchians and Iberians) peoples of South-Eastern Europe, which are one of the Iberian-Celtic ethnic groups and one of the oldest Christian nations. The origin of the Georgian alphabet, Georgian writing is closely related to the ancient Greek alphabets and this is especially visible when you see the early Georgian alphabets.   Georgians are classified as South-Eastern Europeans(Colchians and Iberians).  One of the closest ethnic group for Georgians are Corsicans and other Iberian-Celtic ethnic groups. For example, Some part  of Georgian folklore sounds absolutely like Corsican melodies, and the Corsicans themselves know this too, they come to Georgia periodically. Georgian folk songs, music are original and unique, but also much in common with to other European, to other South-Eastern European folk melodies. Georgia itself belongs to Europien culture, civilization, historically. Since ancient times, BC Georgia had very close relationships with the Greek civilization, Roman Empire etc. In AD Georgia had very close relationships with the Byzantine Empire, Catholic Rome and other European countries. Georgian culture, architecture, etc. are  part of European culture.   We hope that historical process of Georgians will return to the own Europien roots will be end positivitly, which Georgia, Georgians belongs to, ethnically and historically in this south-eastern region of Europe.          Sincerely,Alex

  3. where there are Muslims there must be chaos and war, they are the cause of chaos all over the world, it's time we Christians unite and rise to incase them before they run rampant in America and Europe.

  4. Religious people are dishonest people weather they are black white blue yellow red or whatever else colors person can be.
    I’m not a believer and I’m also not an atheist
    I’m a seeker of truth
    Religion does not make any sense to me
    Believing doesn’t make any sense to me,
    How can you tell me your an honest human bing when you believe something that is not yet in your Experience.
    By the way I’m White according to people
    And I’m not a racist how can I be racist ?
    How can anyone be racist ?
    after all is it my fault I was born in a white family ? Or is it your fault you were born in a black family or is it his fault he was born in a brown family ?
    Of course not
    That’s why racist people and religious people are dishonest people they don’t have the Courage to admit to them salves that what they do not know they do not know 😐

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