Dolly Parton Opens Up About Remarkable Journey to Fame

Dolly Parton Opens Up About Remarkable Journey to Fame



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  1. What I love and respect about women like Dolly is their hard work, perseverance and self independence. She wasn’t rich and that’s why she has a humble personality. I respect that.

  2. Today is hard for me the Big Bopper is hospitalized they think he had a stoke I’m so stressed out because EVERYTHING IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN… I feel so guilty about the way I feel about him anymore I care about him he’s the father of my children but he knows I never loved him and it BREAKS MY HEART I DON’T !

  3. I am 56 yrs old, I grew up in the countryside of Indiana..cornfields an soybean fields as far as the eye could see!! Artist like Dolly, Elvis, Glen, Bucck Owen's, Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl..all the Grand ole Oprea originals and so many more. I love & respect them all but Dolly holds a special spot in my heart, her music is God given an she executes every note, every word like she is singing into the ear of God himself,as a great big ole thank you for everything Hes blessed her as well as us with. Love you Dolly you are an inspiration to all lucky enough to have vrown up with you, God bless you,sister♥️Love & light, namaste 🙏🍨

  4. ILOVE DOLLY PARTON!! So down to earth, stays REAL, and has never forgot where she came from. Has done SO MUCH for her community where she grew up (Sevierville, Tn.) Major respect for the talented icon……💙💚💛

  5. There is only one song I like and I  get tired of hearing about her childhood many others were like that I just don't care for her would not go and see her. People like her can put on an act but off the spotlight how would she be, well I know two guys that she snubbed when they wanted to ask her a about getting in the music business.

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