Levan Vasadze on Georgia's Demographic Time Bomb

Levan Vasadze on Georgia’s Demographic Time Bomb



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  1. LGBT agenda and degradation of the moral values represent the colossal threat not only for Georgia but for the whole world. Moreover, be sure that the ancient cultures such as Georgia, strong in its beliefs and cultural dignity will be stronger in a fight against this filth than so-called super-states.

    May God bless the nation of Georgia, in its fight to defend the truth and remain pure in the eyes of the creator of everything. Times are changing, people come and go, so our actions and decisions are something that lasts for the centuries. Don't be scared to be oppressed, criticized and pressured by those who call 'Love' the abnormal sexual interaction between two men/women.

  2. LUDOsapiens pirshi motkvnast arsebobs?!ar vitsodi,globalistebma da leberastebma gastsavles?!dedashensats astsavles,tknav kholme pitshi dedashensats?chven martmadideblebi amas ar vaketebt,imitom rom piri upalma sakvebis shesachmelsd mogvtsa,tkven ki eshmakna satknavad?khedav rogoria tkveni gmerti-satana,rerbs gaketebinebt?trakit da chuchuit da sadhoti kidev chamt,ara?!pirit tu tknavt ertmanets liberastebo,neta trakif rogor chamt?sachmels rogor itenit trakshi?!

  3. Globalistebo da liberastebo,gavige eshmakma dagtknat titoeuli da magra gkhmarat kvelanairad.eshmaks trakidanats da piridsnats ukvars khmarebao,martalia?!chven martmadideblebs ki satnoebis da patiosnebis upali gvkavs-ieso kriste,romelits globalistebis gmerts -eshmaks,rotsa unda mashin gaakrobs.magram jer ar akrobs,upals unda rom bolomde migishvat,rata globalistebs daganakhot tkveni sakutari tavi,tu ra utsmindurni khart.tskhovelebs rogor shegadrit,isini khom tkven atasjer gjobnian moralshi,diakh tskhovelebi globalistebs moralit jabnian.

  4. Dear Levan, during Soviet Union all married women, All of them kept having abortion after abortion. You should study statistics if such numbers exist, I doubt.
    How a married couple can have many children if there are no jobs, no money, nothing. All conscientious parents want their children to live better than themselves. I am sure you know how much is one child's upbringing cost, not to mention education.
    What are you offering? Go back to middle ages, outdoor toilets ( there still are outdoor toilets in Georgia's villages), family sleeping in one room with their animals in winter and so on? I can remember many scenes from my childhood.
    Besides, women are much free today-(thanks to technological advancement) and they do not want to tolerate obnoxious drinking husbands and they do not want to be baby making machines.
    Georgia's population is dwindling…. you never mention immigration rate – one major cause of population decline.  You and people like you and government should create an atmosphere that people want to stay. Only wine factory and private school is not enough. As I know you conduct you business in Russia. Why don't you move it (or them) to Georgia.
    Recently I met 18 year old charming young Georgian – student of physics faculty. He is not going back. Future potential Georgian father. And there are thousands and thousands such young Georgian all over the world. You know I am sure.
    First of all create livable situation – uncorrupt, safe, just ets. country and then proclaim family values.
    Even birds in mating season create nest in preparation for next Generation, not to mention mammals, but only human beings are capable of giving birth to a baby hoping for the help of  GOD.
    And leave LGBT's alone please. if I had time I would have expressed my opinion on this subject too.
    Former Georgian straight woman.

  5. Well said sir. All of us Muslims, Christians and in fact anybody who believes in traditional values should join efforts to save civilization from suicide. At last a lucid analyst that clearly points out the plague affecting the east and the west. Respect from a Muslim.

  6. I am form Republic of Georgia. Its very Unfortunate that the person who is represented as an interviewer is a representative of pro-Russian citizens of Georgia who are very small minority of our country. Dont think that Georgia is such a unlogical conservatator country as this guy is representing it. Shame to us that we still have and listening to the people who are rulled directly by Russian inteligence agencyes. If you carrefully listen to him you can understand how dark mind he has and what kind of bulshit he is talking about.

  7. He is spot on correct on everything. I'm glad he also debunked the poverty myth – poor countries always have higher births because families rely on kids to contribute and take care of them in old age when there is no welfare state. Rich countries have destroyed the family unit in their embrace of Marxist "progressive" atheist ideology especially its feminist brand that encourages the 'useful idiots' to murder their own babies in their wombs and work instead of raising children. God bless this wise man and protect his country from the culture war waged globally by the Marxist elites in the West and UN.

  8. Why all this pro- Christian or pro life religion look sick or weird.
    Look at his face , full of hate and HIV, Sick that's what you are ! How someone else sexuality has to do with another , how can it affects you? Unbelievably sick.

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