Jerusalem Dateline: Former Muslim Warns America About Radical Islam 06/17/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: former Muslim warns America of dangers of radical Islam; plus want to stop terror? cut the money!; and find out how you can change the Middle East through prayer; plus see how a Syrian refugee girl finds a new …



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  1. they rape. mn with poles in prisons.
    Worse yet upon beheading..they while the head is alive_(15( minute they anally assault and rape them while their head watches

    how gain is can it get?
    pe@ e flower hippy. type.

  2. Wow! This courageous woman is a true inspiration. And every word she says is absolutely true. We need to know the truth about Islam and at the same time be very loving and tolerant in talking to Muslims. They won't come to the truth by us debating them. Only when they sense our love for them will they be open enough to listen to us in speaking the truth.

  3. i think we in Europe have much bigger problem then America , and this is a fight not just America but globally and for one do not forget Europe that is suffering big time so prayers to Europe please and the hole world a better place and save Europe from the bad .. thank you

  4. The Christians have deviated from the teachings of Holy Christ Peace Be Upon Him.

    Let us understand the real teachings of Holy Christ Peace Be Upon Him and avoid doing sinful things to reform the world.


    The people of the White Western Christian World have been betrayed by their leaders.

    'They' have been bought and paid for – and are controlled by the Banking – Corporate scum who run most of this corrupt political and financial world of ours. 

    Forget this political traitorous scum – we have been sold out – it is there for all to see – all their political verbal intentions are like a Rubik Cubes permutations of possibilities and probabilities as they play us as fools – for they have gone a long way in their deceiving the masses.

    Their destruction of the White Western Christian world is well underway – just a few more final touches to bring it all down. They need more aliens to achieve this – they continue to play with their Rubik Cube propaganda as they promise to stop – or restrict – or limit – or implement new border controls – or-or-or-or???

    All the while the immigrants pour in – wake up people they are all part of the same team – they have all signed up for 'their' new world order – otherwise they would not be on the team. A handful of political mavericks have been allowed to take our side – while the other 99% carry on with their global goals. 

    Those few are just distractions – that has always been the way of the ruling power house of the day to 'permit controlled opposition' – this duplicitous ruse of power is ingrained in the political psyche – for they all use it – those political mavericks speaking for the people have not stopped ONE alien from coming into the white world. Proving we are being manipulated by the masters of deception – nothing is more full of the acts of deception – chicanery – back stabbing – betrayal – as is the political arena. 

    What is coming to our rescue is our enemy – this monster they have surrounded us with and they intend to destroy us with – is getting more and more out of their control – as it sees itself as being able to get what it wants without its master > this Political Frankenstein financed by those monetary villains who unleashed it on the White Western Christian World that they hate so much and are using Islam that age old enemy of Christianity – to terrorise us on the one hand – and set us up to be slaughtered on the other – as Islamic sharia law becomes more dominant in country after country. That is what those who are the real power behind the throne want. The destruction of the Christian world.  

    That political monetary filth of power motivated by their own religious beliefs which they believe is their God giving right to rule the world – first they have to remove the greatest obstacles to their worldly role and that is Christianity and Islam. 

    So they have set us all up to kill each other big time – for critical mass is fast approaching and Islam is getting more and more power especially across the white world – and its frontline storm troopers > its terrorist arm of persuasion is about to commit an outrage so profound – it will make Pearl Harbour look like a storm in a teacup.

    This will open up the world to an exposure of all those villains that are responsible for the global anarchy that has set the world on fire – Judaism – Islam and the Vatican and all their installed puppets that are the establishment – will be dealt with by the abused masses who have been driven to greater and greater desperation by those villains of power.


  6. Very good, taking the acts of a terrorist organisation that has killed more Muslims recently as an example of what Islam is, I hope you do not teach this in schools. Grow up and put some meat in your head and learn about Islam before you start preaching what haters, racists and security agents dish at you. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims that want to live a normal life like everyone else and there are thousands of others who have nothing better to do than wanting to cause chaos. Who do you think built all the mosques in Europe and North America, if you want a clue, it's the Saudis and their puppies in the UAE after which they sent in their Salafi/Wahabi shiek to preach hate, violence and head-chopping? Most of those Saudis are homosexuals, but they keep appearance and cry murder when it suits them. what does Daish base it's principle upon? It's Salafism which comes from Saudia Arabia. Am against religious violence in any shape or form and in fact any violence against any human being because of what they believe in or do and propaganda that wants to portray a billion or more people as dangerous to the human race. Get a life.

  7. A "good muslim" is only a good muslim when they denie their religion and stand against the Quran and denounce Islam. Our religion of Christianity preaches peace, love and forgiveness. No murder no hate and no suicide. Any religion that orders you to turn on your own flesh and blood to kill them over the pettiest thing should wake them up.

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