Exclusive: Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: 'I Was an Abuser'

Exclusive: Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: ‘I Was an Abuser’



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  1. WOW! And believe it or not. This goes on in more "church" families than you know. Praying for complete healing and deliverance for this entire family! None of us are perfect and we all make bad decisions. Only difference is most haven't been exposed yet so please don't judge . . . just keep PRAYING!

  2. Pushing the sinner away as if they are more righteous (sad). Thanks James for sharing. Thank God you were able to get help and has been able to FORGIVE YOURSELF (very important). I am currently in a similar situation and am trusting God to restore me back to my wife and children. Lets surround ourselves with other believers (that realize we all need God's help and grace), keep our eyes on God as he is "still working on me/us" (Mandisa – Unfinished). He will restore us, our marriages and children in Jesus name. Amen!

  3. It was about time James Fortune be held responsible for his actions. His abusive behavior did not just start with his marriage. I'm glad he is getting the counseling and help he needs. Good he took responsibility and pleaded guilty. Hopefully he will get better and be able to help other abusers. God is a Forgiving and Merciful God, prayerfully his now ex-wife and kids will be able to heal from this.

  4. I appreciate him saying he made a bad choice, that means he is owning up to it and not trying to sweep it under the rug by calling it a mistake. I pray God continues to heal you and your family. Persist in faith and God's love for you.

  5. we are all sinners. Pray for him, pray for his wife, pray for his children, pray for us. Don't be pharysees because none of us deserve the grace. But because of the Blood of Jesus Christ, we got the salvation. Thank You Jesus

  6. ewww this interviewer, what a wet rag. He had so many chances to ask this admitted abuser about the abuse and see if he feels remorse yet he kept taking attention away from what this man did and helped him downplay what he did and focus on how it impacted his lfe instead of the real victim, the woman he abused !

  7. My heart breaks for James and his Family PERIOD. I will not JUDGE like some others on here. Just pray for one another 🙏. His songs have brought me through a lot. I definitely got issues, that’s not displayed in the media as his is. John 8:7GNT “As they stood there asking him questions, he straightened up and said to them, “Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her.”

  8. How did he beat his ex-wife, severely burned and disfigured her son prior to that, and spent only 5 days in jail after all of that violence!? This is why women, especially black women, continue to be abused until they're killed. There are no serious consequences for abusers.

  9. I'm glad he's getting help, & I hope he does well. Nobody is born perfect. I also think a lot of men have issues of abuse, maybe they just don't know how to act better & they need this kind of help in order to change.

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