First Turkey, Then the World? Erdogan Setting off Western Alarms

First Turkey, Then the World? Erdogan Setting off Western Alarms



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  1. Israëliër die over de democratie in Turkije praat, hoe hypocriet kun je nog zijn!! Miljoenen Palestijnen zijn vermoordt gemarteld of uit hun huis met geweld gedreven door Israël.Er zijn ook sterke aanwijzingen dat ISIS door Mossad is gecreëerd om nog meer islamistische landen zwart te maken zodat iedereen tegen die landen kan opkomen.

  2. every time western media talk about gullen they say he is former ally of erdogan …why the media not do same with ben laden and say former ally of united state during the war of afganistan with soviets….carcter assissination of erdogan is abvious…you failed in everything against him

  3. The newest Wikileak proves a Hillary Gulen link. They in fact did plan to overthrow the government. Now maybe this was a show put on to make sure the government was not overthrown. That simply does not mean that the intent was never there.

    Hillary and her ilk commonly use education in order to shape society in the way it wants it to be so now the educators also makes sense.

    That said both are Muslim groups. Both are dangerous. But Islam always demands a dictator form of government. That is just part of Islamic Law. Under Trump we are better off with Erdogan most likely. Under Hillary America would be no more. Not a free America.

  4. Caliphate? Sultan? Dictator? Turkey is not syria or libya… There is secularism in Turkey since late 1920s and multi party democracy since 1940s right after the second world war. And from here on in, it's free of western control and more independent.

  5. it is in Bible you rewrote again, you wrote one for Catholic Church you Rejected Jesus punishment you got for 2000 years you had no state and now you wanna fight Russia but hey Nato will do it for you as you don't have balls, you only fight with weak Arabs because they're stupid for you

  6. 20th century was the century US and its Western allies, economically and militarily. All we got is wars, coup, invasion. In other words death, destruction and domination, and hypocrisy. good news US is collapsing economically, and Europe already gone. we need change. I want see china and India on the top of the world. that will be good

  7. west is loosing moral advantage.. in refugee crises, in coup attempt, what is next for the west?… go ally with Sisi in Egypt, you are very good with muslm dictators, not with muslim democrats..

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