From Clueless to Conservative: Stacey Dash's Unlikely Hollywood Story

From Clueless to Conservative: Stacey Dash’s Unlikely Hollywood Story



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  1. Yeah we all know that but once she got up there and now she looking out of a white woman's I see forget what you come from but don't worry God going to let her know you're not white your time is coming happens to all of y'all supposed to be black conservatives at don't think at all I guess you believe all people I treated equal huh God put you where you at he gave you a platform to use it for good not to discriminate against your own kind or that's right my bag you're not black

  2. You have my vote Stacey. Don't worry God will bring more friends to your side. Who cares about Hollywood? You will work for Donald Trump's office. Yes your still a beautiful woman. God answers prayer all the time.Daniel in Canada.

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