Bible 'Balloon Offensive' Floats into North Korea

Bible ‘Balloon Offensive’ Floats into North Korea



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  1. …dear heavenly Father, plz pour out ur provision and anointing so that this dark and tormented nation is set free. Use these balloons we pray to stoke a holy fire in the hearts of the people, plz rescue captive Christians, comfort & heal them, and Lord may the leadership abandon itself or be relieved of its oppressive reign so that freedom comes to N. Korea. Capture this people, their nation, for the gospel Lord, may even the leadership come to Christ. Thankyou, in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  2. This is encouraging that there are so many believers there but also saddening that so many people are being persecuted. I pray God will protect them. Heavenly Father please be with our North Korean brothers and sisters. Amen

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