A Shifting America with a New Minority

A Shifting America with a New Minority



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  1. So wake up people. Learn the table rules just as in poker. As they have clocked u from truth snd information do likewise to them. When they request Info be sure to not respond or redact their firms. Fo not participate in thrir census. Call their bluff see what they do. It Ll surprise u what thrir move will b. But u will b in a position of strength to b sable yo respond. Any person at war that supplies it s info to the adversary is for sure the looser

  2. No, No , No, this country belong to the native Americans and your white Ancestors who claimed only in name to Christians took this country from them by force. They tried to commit genocide with them and enslaved black people all in the n as me of Jesus. You can keep you hypocritical mockery to humanity religion to yourselves bc it's your words and actions throughout history why so many are leaving your religion.

  3. Christians are being persecuted?!? So they're being targeted legally? They're being beaten in the streets? How about arrested for being Christian? Ahh…. @ 2:40 it tells it all. Whites are loosing their grip on the lever of power. That's what its all about. Now we know where CBN stands.

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