By God's Grace: Surviving 9/11 from the 81st Floor

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  1. People keep saying how come god didn't help those christians who died. I know God is a loving God, so I don't believe god wanted them to die nor any of these people. We DON'T even know their past or that God has probably been constantly speaking to them and tellling them not to get on that plane or to go to the twin towers. And there are millions of people worldwide who have heard God warn them of things that happening. Because we don't know if those christians have probably ignored God warning them, we can't say what God has or hasn't did for his children. I hope all of these individuals rip. For those who simply searched up Christian testimonies and wanted to attack believers, your comments aren't going to simply make God, who you don't believe in, disappear or non-existent. Nor is it ok to mock those christian's who've died in this incident, faith

  2. Which says , what ? According to God and his Saving Grace, it was "Time" for the other thousands of victims to die ? This doesn't make good spiritual sense; some worked harder to get out, some helped others ON their way out, but this doesn't make good logical sense ? CARING MORE ABOUT BUILDING SAFETY makes good sense—Try that? The sprinkler systems ? the keys to the doors that Security wouldn't open ? I say there was some LUCK happening here.

  3. If there was any chance of those Towers falling Firemen would know all about it. That is what they do so the fact that they were in the building doing their job is proof those buildings were controlled demolitions.

  4. September 11, 2019, life does go on, but you can never go home again, metaphorically speaking. The neighborhood has changed and the sense of security has been shattered! Who do you trust? God, that’s the only true truth that will get you through ANYTHING!

  5. it is so wonderful that you survived that terrible crash on 9/11! God bless you….so many people dont believe in God but he is the only one who can get you through stuff like this! I will pray and thank the lord for saving 18 people from the horrible terrorist attack.

  6. Yo're not supossed to pray to Jesus. In the bible Jesus ALWAYS says to pray to Jehovah his Father.
    Never has Jesus EVER said to pray to him….he instructs "pray the the one that is greater than i"…"He who sent me"..
    Yes, when we pray, we pray in Jesus' name because like the bible says, he is a mediator between us (imperfect humans) and Jehovah.
    Jesus was perfect so we pray "through" him, but NOT to him.
    If you think 9/11 was bad, wait until the great tribulation comes.

  7. God bless you both! This gave me chills- what a miracle! For some strange reason, although as a sophomore in highschool at this time, this year has hit me how horrific this day truly was, not five or ten or fifteen years ago. I will never forget the tv monitors in my school in Indiana showing it all unfold- but STATES AWAY, we were put in an emergency hold inside my school as if this were going to hit us from 14 hours away. Now at the age of 34, married with children of my own, I look back and think "did our principal realize then that we were under a time of war- right then?" Or maybe "did he have someone inside NYC who knew just how bad this was?" Because at the time, all i remember hearing was "go get gas. You're going to see how high gas prices will get immediately"… not how awful it all was, or that a whole school of children- let alone the WORLD- just saw on the news people were jumping from 100 stories above, but GAS PRICES?! I dont know why this has just hit me on the 19th anniversary, or why this year it is so important that I MAKE IT to see this memorial, but a story like this shows what "miracles"… or "amazing luck" life can throw our way. To see you two happy and blessed years later is a comfort to me. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! ❤

  8. God Bless you both, God needs you to further his works. Alpha and Omega, he decides when you are born and when you leave this Satanic world. I love you brother and sister and may God bless you in all your good works and I will see you in heaven my friends.

  9. God is using you, Mark 5:19 "Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what mercy he has shown you" You are witnessing Gods glory, Amen. I love you you guys, all praise to God for this video and your witnessing.

  10. Sorry to keep adding comments, but I love your testimony, it's our job to promote God and stop trying to proove Satans lies. We can not educate the blind but we can encourage them to see and your doing that brethren. God bless you both.

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