Studio 5: Laughing in the Dark

Studio 5 sits down with the most awarded female comedian in the country, Chonda Pierce. Hip hop artist KB shares his music story. And then we meet the bible teacher who became an actress in a blockbuster film.



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  1. I watched laughing in the dark today for the first time chonda I wanted to hug you. Thank-you for being real so sorry for all your losses my heart goes out for you. My best friend and I enjoyed the movie and felt sad for you. Hope your daughter comes around. And the girl who was adopted The Lord Blesses her for u give a ride on your bus her story touched me I hope she is doing good. I suffer from deep depression and anxiety myself. I'm on meds for it too. Thank-you for sharing your painful story sorry about your home life when u were younger. Take care and thank-you showing me I can Trust Jesus I needed that

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