CBN News Showcase: 2016 Election From a Biblical Perspective – October 16, 2016

News headlines have been filled with polarizing stories about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but as believers we are called to pray. On this edition of CBN News Showcase, we take a look at important political issues and pray for America’s …



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  1. the clintons never addmitt to fault..they just denie or ignore and keep it moving..shes not goign to start now with this,..because then shell have to addmitt that these emails are real and not alterd in any way

  2. This election is too important to focus on something a playboy Donald Trump did 20 years ago.  He has changed and we should forgive and think about the bigger issues here.  King David was an adulterer and a killer, but he repented and God used him and called him "a man after His own heart."  God uses flawed human beings to do great things.

  3. yes very true if she wins we may as all well just put our heads between our legs and kiss our butts bye cause we are done stick a fork in the USA she is spook corrupt what makes anyone think she will even try to stick up for or even with us through anything like terror attacks or illegal immigration or war..

  4. Oh my goodness … a non-establishment 'independent' candidate for the millennials running a successful presence on social media ?!! What's next? Blasphemy in Alaska? Great story (except that there's the 'ante' of needing to believe in the one-and-only Christian God). Do you also have to believe in American Exceptionalism (… or could you just get away with believing in what the millennials already realize: American DECEPTIONALISM)? Here's what many think. One of the two groups is delusional. Reader's choice.

  5. Media…CBN is just another corrupt Hillary pushing globalist company. These insane radical Christians think their own husbands have never talked like that! JESUS HATED HYPOCRITES!!! She would say she is tired of getting hit on…if she didn't want to be pretty, and attract men, why the make up and hairspray? I'm Christian and she makes me SICK!! SO DOES CBN!!

  6. I just finished watching your message and report.

    I upvoted you and I think you should wear the current 40 downvotes as a badge of good work.

    1,040 views and 40 downvotes tells me somebody is very afraid of Jesus 😉

  7. Evangelical Holier than thou, supposed Christians, Trump is now saved and last time I checked the Bible, Trump is not the same person and once asked for forgiveness, God NO LONGER SEES HIS SIN!!!!! So what, you're better than God? NO, you are not and believe me, God has a way of humbling those most HOLIER THAN THOU. You should be praying that he will win the presidency because Hillary will destroy our country beginning with the supreme court. How ignorant can you get all you Holier than thou, "Christians". Either you are a Christian or you are a, "Christian". Which is it? I have a few stones if one of you want to be the first to throw it, let me know.

  8. Hillary on Ellen – reaching the immoral base of America ~
    Yea, I was just reading in the Bible where Jesus was teaching how important is it to get involved in government and politics, especially Christians, in Revelation 3:14-22 :~

  9. When the woman on the plane y didn't she just press hostess button then she says tried to go up her skirt so when off the plane when she was away from him y not go tell airport staff they cud check seat num and get is details and arrest him. Total lies he should sue them all they were paid by Clinton to say it. We have already seen clintons actors we know the score.

  10. As people who are guided by faith, are the viewers here more inclined to vote based on political scandals of Hillary Clinton (emails, financial disclosures of the Clinton Foundations, etc…) or by the personal misgivings of Donald Trump? This is an honest curiosity from a person who is himself a nonreligious center-right American.

  11. Any Christian who puts their x for Clinton better ave good answer when they meet their maker because trump has changed and Clinton has not she's still lying and she's leading her country to mass war which will bring massive death toll. And remember Christians your kids will die to and the blood will be on your hands of many because you knew what you were doing was wrong.

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