Jerusalem Dateline: UNESCO: NO Jewish History on Temple Mount 10/14/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: UNESCO denies Jewish history on Temple Mount; and what’s the connection between the bible and the West Bank? plus a miraculous story of conversion; and Sukkot celebrations in Israel.



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  1. UNESCO does NOT say that at all. I have read the documents myself and they say no such thing. It uses both names for the temple mount, as this video itself admits. The document SPECIFICALLY says Jerusalem belongs to all three faiths. Judaism is in no way excluded by the document. READ THE DOCUMENT!

  2. if the bible is true then there has to be a temple that anti-Christ will sit in declaring himself as God, so I believe the Jewish people must build a temple. The u.n. unessco can do and say whatever they want Israel belongs to the Jewish people and there will come a day that there will not be an muslim in the entire land of Israel. The whole world knows that all of Israel belongs to the Jews black and white Jews and God will prevail against the whole world for the Jewish people , His chosen, for His Holy Name !!!

  3. the "Temple Mount" with the Dome is NOT an Islamic structure….it is a structure built by a Jewish King for his buddy Marc Antony, called Fort Antonia…….the actual Temples were built over the Gihon Spring, just as scripture says……reject dogma…!!! research Dr Earnest L Martin's excellent book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot".

  4. some people believe they were from what?? they just magically appeared in Kazar?? Yes.. some of the Jews left Israel after the Roman Empire fell. Even many of Jesus' disciples left their homeland.. But even so.. some of them stayed.. Just because they left for a moment.. That doesn't deduct their rights.. The Jews connection way beyond blood. Judaism is a race and a religion…
    eg. A muslim person from europe claims Mecca and Madinah Islam holy site.. but he's not arab… he can claim that.. not because he's not arab but because he's muslim.
    the Christians were never promised to have a home of our own.. But the Jews was promised to have a home 3000 years ago..The bible didn't just say Israel but the the Jews as well.. Even the word JEWS was driven from the name Judea in the which is in the Kingdom of Israel

  5. The U.N. is clearly aimed at destroying Israel without quite having the guts to do it directly. It's the Muslims who, BY THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS, have no connection to Jerusalem. Muhammad never set foot there. They won't even let non-Muslims come to Mecca. Of the three Abrahamic religions, Islam is the one that is still unable to get along.

  6. In the book of Luke, Chapter 19 verse 27 Jesus says, “but those enemies of mine who do not want me to reign over them, bring them here, and kill them in front of me.” Then the author of this website goes on to say, “This is pretty clear that Jesus would have Christians kill all non-believers. How do you explain this? Convert them or kill them, right?”

  7. Islam wasen't born yesterday. It is more than 1400 years old if killing non muslims is true then…
    WHY you're reading my comment? why Christians in islamic and arabic countries survived.
    jews or PRECISELY Fake JEWS "Khazars" who want to kill all human being and slave them as talmod calling for even Christians are gentiles according to their book. go read it well. their plan to let people fight and kill each other and they finance and watch the wars. wake up stupid world.

  8. The Jewish people got the land as a covenant from God and no Muslim has who read the book of Genesis can say otherwise unless you are liers. is it is all there? So why you Muslims that claim to want peace not read the scriptures you are hypocrites. Convenient religion how was that mosque built there. It was built by the blood of innocent people as Mohamed men butchered innocent men and women and the crusaders butchered Mohammed men. Israel is a promise to Issac the old testament was written 4000 years ago why should I believe a book that is only 1400 years old. I fully support the jews in their quest for a home, Arabs came from Ishmael your homeland is in such Arabia, not Israel. Just as how you stoled Egypt, Tunisia, Moroccan, and more, you Arabs accuse Jews of stealing their own homeland. So we're the Jews should live and where is your origin. Many Arab leaders have made it clear that there is no such thing as Palestine. It was the Romans that named the place not you. so go and read historical facts from the Romans and why they did it

  9. UNESCO are full of hypocrisy and hatred towards God's Nation Israel. They can say anything and any lies, but Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel belongs to the children of Jacob now called Israel.

  10. Shame on Israeli illegal settlers and IDF violating Muslims right to worship in their own mosque! If they want to be there, show Respect! Israeli government cares nothing for UN apparently but still wants to call itself "democratic ". It needs to stop being an apartheid state.

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