Revival Touches Uganda's Oldest Living Tribe

Revival Touches Uganda’s Oldest Living Tribe



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  1. Amen Praise the Lord ! The lost shall be found ! In a time where its hard to believe some have not heard ! The Word still being taken around the world. The joy of the Lord in these folks is amazing . Father renew the joy of the Lord in the Body of Christ in Jesus Name !

  2. "pre-stone age" lol, thats wrong enough to render anything else they say as useless and misleading. Even our pre-human ancestors used stone tools hundreds of thousands of years ago and the oldest ones found are over 2 million years old.

  3. It's the white colonizers that told our people that our traditional beliefs were devilish. It's all about control. That's how they used Christianity, to control our minds and country. Please Batwa, believe what you want, but your roots are important. Don't let anyone tell you that your culture is wrong.

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