Surviving the Storms: Tim Tebow Shares Why His Faith Won't Be Shaken

Surviving the Storms: Tim Tebow Shares Why His Faith Won’t Be Shaken



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  1. Tim Tebow is such an inspiration to me. I'm not into sports but I am Christian. He lives his life how Jesus Christ would have lived if He were still here. And no, I'm not talking about playing sports. He's serving others, he's possitive, he isn't scared to share his belief. I don't understand how people can bash on him. It's like the higher the positivity the higher the negativity. Please, if you're Christian, atheist, or whatever, please try to be more positive. You don't even have to believe in God to be positive. Imagine if everyone tried to be more positive. How would the world be like?

  2. Tim your compassionate love towards our God & our saviour Jesus Christ will guide you, protect you, strengthen you in your journey. Your compassionate love, kindness, caring, joy & peace towards undeserved & impoverished children around the globe will bring hope & smile on their faces because of your unending love throughout humanity. God is an awesome God, & may the holy spirit guide you , protect you always. In Jesus mighty name. Amen❤💖💜

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