Melania and Donald Trump's Biggest Prayer Request

Melania and Donald Trump’s Biggest Prayer Request



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  1. 1/12/17: I PRAYED🙏🏾 and then VOTED for Mr D.J Trump, as "most" evangelicals did and DONALD WON. Now, we must CONTINUE to pray for our president elect asking GOD to give him strength, guidance, wisdom, discernment. But, most of all, that Mr Trump will pray to GOD himself and seek HIS FACE in the decisions he make for this country & dealing with Israel.

  2. Search YouTube for : "Hell in the cell – Rolyn Lewis". Also see his police brutality termination video. Rolyn is my oldest friend. He is a victim of police brutality. Two of these videos have been loaded on YouTube. Through his weakness and hardship, he has found God. God is his favorite subject to talk about. He really needs prayer. If anyone can help Rolyn, please leave a comment on his channel. Thank you and God Bless

  3. Yeah, that makes sense. Pro-life and sling a gun on your side or in your purse. No choice in an unwanted pregnancy, but pull out that pistol, rifle or machine gun and shoot up whoever is in your way. RIGHT….total sense. HRC wasn't a great choice, I agree, but Drumpf is disastrous and the GOP is raping our freedoms and our security for land, sea and air health. And Drumpf needs to stop talking as if the sky is falling! It is NOT! Get your head out of the con man lane and get into stats, facts and reality! All of you!

  4. It is so Good to see do many prayers and thanks to God in the Presidents videos comments sections. People of faith have been repressed to long as if their religious freedoms are less important to others.

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