What Researchers Found in the Tomb of Jesus

What Researchers Found in the Tomb of Jesus



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  1. It was just a hole people. Nothing more, nothing less. Man puts too much emphasis on something that really means nothing. Christ ROSE from the dead. He is not there. It was THREE DAYS that his body laid there. The miracle was in Christ, not a grave.

  2. Other says the remain bone of JESUS is there this is the proof that no remain bones found in the holly tomb. Forgive me Lord the father for being a sinners and thank you Lord Jesus Christ for saving us all you are my saviour, my life, my eternal God Bless me o Lord and forgive those people who are not believing in you. Bless us all. 😭 tears of happiness, thankful, and wholeheartedly. I Love You My LORD GOD

  3. Jesus didn't die on the cross. In John, he told Thomas to touch his wounds. He was telling Thomas He was alive. Rome made Jesus the son of God. That's why his birthday is on December 25. The pagan Sun Gods birthday. I don't like to be lied too. We have for 2000 years. I truly believe in God and Jesus but he isn't who people say he is. He said it himself. Barbbas was not a theft. He was a military Rabbi, trying to get the Roman out of Israel so they stop trying to incorporate their pagan religion into Jews religion. Look at the history of Rome. They believe in Titus, born of a virgin 40 years at war, die on the cross. Attic (Paul 's pagan God) born of a virgin, die on cross they all roused too. Sounds a little funny to me. Attis was called the good shepherd before Jesus. What's real or not. Faith is one history is other. Things don't set right , to many things to much alike. Constantine wanted a hold over people religion and politics he did it. We are still falling for it.

  4. The Story is all fragmented into complete confusion to deliberately hide where Jesus is really buried. I'm inclined to believe that we are looking to the wrong side of the world. And that Jesus's remains could be right here in North America. Did you hear that? Yes I said America. And maybe I can pinpoint His location. Reason being is that I have encountered an entity of whom I communicate with. The Entity is GOD and She is involved in the here and now. She has multiple personalities, which are seemingly normal for a Woman. Don't be offended Ladies, GOD IS A WOMAN.

  5. Don't tell lies !! . 1st of all he did not die ,{ so a tomb was not required} & 2nd, Roman archives have copies of letters sent to the Senate, reporting him ( Jesus ) to be, still alive and doing miracles, after the crucifixion event. That is why a few years later the final big Jewish/Roman battle took place, as the Romans decided that Christians /& Hebrews with such courage to defy death, & the Roman rules, should be put down. The destruction of Solomon's Temple was foretold to the very day ! & the extraordinary amount of gold, money & loot, they took helped fund & build the Coliseum, where, insanely, ten's of thousands of Christians were tortured & killed- not because Jesus died, but because HE LIVED !!! . Pontius Pilate himself, had to send in a very particular report to the Senate, about the uprising & crucifixion ( see * below) & that's why he washed his hands of it.
    ( 200-300-Senators met every few days in the Senate at Rome, so it was that all Army Commanders, as well as local Officials, had to send daily or weekly reports, for the Senators, to accurately discuss any problems in their Empire, and make appropriate decisions-
    All the world around them knew- "Falsified records, or deliberate manipulations ,or versions of Truth" were dealt with instant death. So all Tribunes, Centurions, Procurators and local Governors-etc, knew very well the penalty for lies ! ) So, Pontius Pilate's report over the current affair & particulars about the massive Jewish uprising, screaming for him to be crucified had to be very exact,& correct.
    Then, as now, there was always confirmation of 'trusted' witnesses, to ensure they got it right.

    The Tomb they may have found,possibly belonged to a Priest 'Joseph of Arimathea', he, it was that begged Pontius for the body of Christ ( as it's written) and put it in his own tomb; where it lay for three days ,until he recovered & arose !!!.. Later,* Pontius Pilate and his wife, plus his top Tribune, Longinius & about hundred soldiers, ( for fear of the crowds ) went in a troop, and visited Jesus-to see for themselves as Right' evidence ; and he ( Jesus) spoke to Pontius ,noting he was not willing to have him killed, & how he tried desperately to save him from the mob, & still he would not have him killed –
    ( signalled) by him giving Barrabas-instead (a murderer), & then washing his hands.

  6. Jesus Christ died and on the 3rd day he rose and now sits with the Father in Heaven.
    Anybody claiming they found Jesus bones is a fabrication. Simply not possible based on Historic Facts.

  7. IMHO, the alleged tomb of Lord Jesus is irrelevant. It's His shed blood that's relevant, as it cleanses all believers from the stain of our sin. Yes, the fact that it has been empty for two millennia is vitally important too…so-called religious relics and their adoration is too close to paganism…Love the soon-coming, living, Lord Jesus…

  8. Matt 24:23 – 26… wherefore if they shall say unto you, "Behold, He is in the desert, go not forth: behold, He is in the SECRET CHAMBERS… believe it NOT. Jesus Christ King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! Kingdom without end! Forever and ever! He is RISEN! Glory to His MIGHTY name! Amen.

  9. 42sec makes me wanna shout to every soul bow down he IS risin praise ur Name Lord THANK you for giving ur only begotton son for me.. . Remember U CNT get to the father if U DO NOT KNOW HIS SON JESÚS THERE IS POWER IN THAT NAME

  10. Why did they not cover the fact that there was an escape tunnel right under the resting rock and out to land? They just skimmed over it as if it was not enough evidence to completely debunk the religion. I guess it was better left alone than to force and entire religion to come to terms with reality.

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