Mel Gibson Explains How 'Hacksaw Ridge' Challenged His Faith

Mel Gibson Explains How ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Challenged His Faith



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  1. What a tribute to one of the greatest Medal of Honor recipients. They've done movies for the Two delta force guys who saved the down ed pilot in Blackhawk down, they've done it in epic fashion for the legendary John Basilone for the Pacific but now I'm waiting for the modern rendition of the great Audie Murphy Two time Medal of Honor winner and his life.

    It's time to honor the vets and especially the bravest of the brave.

  2. After seeing 'Braveheart', 'The Passion', 'What Women Want' and 'Hacksaw Ridge' I can hardly wait to see what worthy story Mel is going to tell next. Mel is truly an example to all of us that when you fail (that's 'when, not if'), don't give up on yourself or on life. Keep reaching to be a better version of yourself. Have a hug, Mel! I'm VERY glad your phoenix has risen out of the ashes.

  3. I am sorry for Mel Gibson. What he said & did was wrong. However, is he not worthy of forgiveness ? Yes, as it says "Let He Who Is Without Sin, Cast The First Stone"…..Is the faith in his heart, not worthy of forgiveness & can we find it in our hearts to forgive the actions of an untreated raging alcoholic who had a psychotic break in a material world ? His movies tell us what he is, a brilliant but tortured alcoholic (@times) who has given us movie's that shout & scream of the very thing media condemned him for. I think you can learn more from forgiveness, then you can by "Hollywood Condemnation". Welcome back Mr. Gibson, we missed you & your "Spielberg-esque" films.

  4. Oh brother.. what right does "HOLLYWOOD" have to even THINK of ''forgiving" or excusiing Mr Gibson or anyone else…?? there's more crime and filth and ''sinning" taking place inside Hollywood than Mr Gibson's life I"m sure… what a stupid question

  5. God bless you Mel Gibson! God loves you and you can do the same thing. Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And thou shalt not kill!" Blessed be our Holy Father that is in heaven. If you have all your faith in Jesus Christ and God Mel, then He will protect you just like He did Pvt. Desmond Doss!

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