Jerusalem Dateline: 11/11/16 Trump Triumphs! What Now For Israel, Middle East?

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: What does Trump’s election mean for Israel, Middle East? Plus who will help persecuted Christians more than two years after fleeing ISIS? And Israel’s latest efforts to chronicle the Jewish homeland’s ancient …



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  1. Does Israel have borders? last time I checked they did not, and the reason is because they keep stealing land from Palestinians and build ILLEGAL settlements under every international law.
    Why would hard working Americans send their hard earned money in billions to a terrorist state like Israel who killed 2300 hundred CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 14 since the last invasion on Gaza? Time to wake up american folks

  2. I see our President elect Donald Trump is still under fire from the left
    and really he/we need all of the Christians (all denominations) and
    other good people to pray for Donald and the Republic and for, justice,
    truth, exposure of the wily and strength & victory for the good

    Let none of us be arrogant or self-righteous, but sincere, humble & strong, because it is far from over yet, but only the beginning.

    Sincerely, Roberto

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