Urban Homesteading: Self-Sufficient Living in the City

Urban Homesteading: Self-Sufficient Living in the City



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  1. sorry for the lost of your son, and yes God is able to keep your son alive by you and your wife so unselfishly giving back by sharing and caring with God's word and healthy garden growing . My prayers are with you two and thanks so very much for sharing and caring God bless you two , Amen! I will try gardening in my city home thanks again!

  2. Glad to see TV News doing a spotlight on Christians Homesteading & sharing the bounty God has given. Wish there were more news like this. It's out there. Shame that most news is about the bad things of the world.

  3. just found your vids. we have only just started trying to grow our own..large greenhouse,smallish garden.. pots on the patio. but giving it a go….thank-you for all the great info….God Bless.. p.s. we are in the U.K.

  4. this should be everyone. It's true that our food is killing us. How to grow your own food should be learned in school the same as math or science. Too bad there's money in agriculture, and money contaminates everything.

  5. So much for urban homesteading – they moved to Florida. Clearly they wanted more freedom to live as Christians and to put behind them the oppression that the "Progressive" are imposing in the Commonwealth.

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