Exposing Margaret Sanger: The Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood

Exposing Margaret Sanger: The Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood



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  1. Not to forget that Hillary's 'Most admired Woman'' is non-other than Margaret Sanger, of course a Democrap… and Sanger was the Mother of Eugenics…. also known as…. the sterilization and elimination of all Blacks everywhere. So Mr & Mrs Black…. I really don't get it at all. Why is it… or how can it possibly be that Black leaders are endorsing the very woman who's wretched, vile heart is seated in total hatred and want to destroy the Black race??!!!?? Do you know? Please share this with us… if you are Black… do tell how in the world can you support a woman, Hellary, who wants you dead? This is factual and proven on youtube and google and any other history book or course …and surely it comes right out of the very mouth of the devils daughter Hillary. So what up with that folks? Are you forgiving Hillary? Really!! Well how could this be if you want 150 year old statues… aka… rocks…destroyed because you claim they were involved with slavery….. yet Hillary wants you dead.  But all Hillary needs to do it claim its all bogus!! BOGUS?? just take a bit of time out and study this from credible sources…OK!

  2. Who is forcing black women to have abortions? Not planned parenthood and not the government. There are many organizations out there that are so against abortion and contraception that they will do anything to prevent it. They put all kinds of pressures on women to have babies and more babies. They are so adamant they even bomb abortion clinics and  kill the personnel. Killing them is o.k. in order not to eliminate any child no matter what race or color. If a women is so desperate that she doesn't want an abortion, but sees no way out she can turn to them.  Planned parenthood is a choice. Nobody should either pro or con get involved in the choice.  If one wants children and choses to have fifteen plus babies let them. Just don't involve me.

  3. What good would it bring for poor black people to have more children they can’t afford? I’d rather my tax dollars go to terminating these unwanted pregnancies than to supporting unwanted kids their whole lives.

  4. Good Lord…..the woman has been dead and buried for 50 years! and you are still threatened by her alleged ideology ? Most people that work at planned parenthood don't even know who she was. Planned Parenthood is here to give women of all colors the ability to "Plan" when they want to join "Parenthood".

  5. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. King, is working on a movie about abortion, it has Stacy Dash and a few well known names, Jon Voight…people not afraid of being bad listed in Hollywood. Unfortunately they had cast and crew threatened and who quit because they were called (unions) and basically told….if you want to work in this town, I would not do that project. We need to spread things like this, and be there for young girls ourselves not with judgement, but with help and letting them know that there are ways and options. Adoption is a beautiful thing, there are so many families that would love to have a baby.

  6. What do the Abortionists do with the human aborted baby parts??
    That's real human flesh…just the same as yours and mine.
    What's done with that human flesh….millions of aborted babies?
    Please let me know?

  7. When will the black community will open their eyes? Keep your family!! Do not follow the left the are the ones telling you you are less and to just focus one yourselves. Create family's have your kids and try to give them a better life than the one you got, that's what matters. You no victim you just another human being like all the rest.

  8. If the ‘minorities’ did not have unwanted pregnancies, they would not REQUEST abortions.
    They are not forced to abort!

    With regards to where the clinics are placed, if a horse wants to drink, you don’t place the water outside the field.

  9. Margaret Sanger was just following the Demonrats PLANTATION mentality. What else can you expect from the Party that gave America the KKK and white supremacists. Quit screaming racists at others you lying hypocrites you are the Racists, you have just gotten a lot better at hiding it. African Americans who are still voting Democrat are still on the PLANTATION they just haven't realized it yet.

  10. In those days of lynchings and segregation, if an african american woman was sexually assaulted in her community, could she turn to a white police officer for help? Or margaret sanger only? In the bible, kjv, is an expression – "she bore him" – those words imply CHOICE : as in, this child is for you.

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