Making 'Aliyah.' Why Thousands of Jews Move to Israel Each Year

Making ‘Aliyah.’ Why Thousands of Jews Move to Israel Each Year



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  1. I think that only as long as Israel is under threat will the women and girls of Israel enjoy such freedom and will the men and boys of Israel be relatively respectful of them. The more secure Israel becomes the more misogynistic it will become. And all the contributions that women have made to make it a safe place for all of them to live will at the very least me undermined, if not denied, if not forgotten.

  2. I love seen God's people going back home, but my heart goes out to them because there are so many Biblical prophesies no yet fulfilled, that many of them are not aware of. The whole world should be praying for the Jewish people and their future. God bless and protect Israel.

  3. I know there's people who claim you can't have Jewish ancestry if your white. That's simply not true. They don't consider that there were mixed marriages hundreds to thousands years ago. My French ancestor was likely a Marrano or secret Jew since his last name was Achim and lived in Guyenne France close to Spain. This is now Bordeaux and they had Sephardic Jews forced to flee in the 15th century because of the Spanish Inquisition.

  4. "We belong here" literally your skin tells you you dont. Look at the skin cancer rate of ashkenzi jews in the middle East. Now you could make the claim you belong to Europe but how you feel mote connected to Israel than the US is beyond me especially since the US is a nation of immigrants.

  5. A friend of mine is planning to make this journey there within a year or so, he’s so excited you’d think he was 20 not 70 lol. He wants us to come visit when he gets settled and show us everything.

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