Millennials Ditching Marriage and Church

Millennials Ditching Marriage and Church



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  1. Marriage is now a bad deal for men. They can be dropped at any time, and women can then use the courts to extract cash and prizes, along with any children they may have. Good reason for men to avoid marriage. And so, men say, good riddance to it.

  2. You can be together without needing paperwork and thousands of dollars they assume everyone have. And religion just simply holds back societal progression and prevents people from thinking for themselves and thinking critically and rationally. Plus we should in general just move on from superstition and bigoted hatred brought with Nationalistic ideologies that religions bring.

  3. It's women that expect the guy to have the good car, the good house, the good job, and and and. Then they are the ones that initiate most divorces. The divorce laws rape the guy during the divorce and then he's paying her his pension and spousal support for years after, all while she's out lining up the next sucker to marry and do it all again. This form of prostitution is all she knows. After all she has to work to provide for her retirement before she hits the wall and becomes essentially invisible to men.

  4. Millennials are leaving 14th-Century fiction in the 21st century. In the information age, ignorance is a choice. Christianity (and other religions) are doomed. Time to find another line of work… The scam is over.

  5. People usually get married with the intention of starting a family. Raising children is a huge responsibility/privilege which requires sacrifice, commitment, selflessness and an enormous amount of work. Most people don't like things that are hard.

  6. If one of my millennial colleagues ever try to shame me for my life style, I swear I will make them feel so small they will have no choice but to put their tails between their legs and hide before they die out of humiliation.

  7. Unfortunately, men seem to think that once they get married, that the woman will want to do all the housework, including his share. Um, no. I'd much rather stay single, and obviously, a lot of other women think the same thing too.

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