CBN News Showcase: President Trump & Faith

On this edition of CBN News Showcase, we have a special news report on America’s new president Donald Trump and how his presidency will affect people of faith.



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  1. Great blessing for President Trump to be our new commander in chief! Thank God.

    GREAT report on danger of islamic inspired terrorism. Changing ideology must be: conversion to Christ. NOT deceiving muslims to believe a lie that 'islam is a religion of peace'.

    faulty reporting on Russia- I know a lot of Russian Christians who are thankful for the 1000s of new Orthodox Churches built with Putin's blessings and support. This is NOT the old USSR atheism that murdered over 40 Million Orthodox Christians.

  2. Trump is such a refreshingly HONEST man. He has unquestionably run for, and won, the presidency to SERVE THIS COUNTRY! I believe he may well be the most gifted, hard-working, and effective president we have seen.

  3. You want immigrants? bring in the persecuted Christians from the 3rd world, not the 'suffering Muslims'! Syrian Muslims can find refuge in Turkey or Dubai, same culture, same language, same religion. Christians should be the ones to be provided refuge in western countries. Again, same culture, same religion, and if different language, they will learn the language, they will assimilate, not like some other people…

  4. ROME here they come. Google 'Trumps and the new world order'. You trust these guys you are naive. Paula and Benny spent a weekend at the vatican, Franklin and Trump have ties with the Vatican. Paula also got the spot because she has been doing business with Trump for the past four years, she bought an apartment in Trump Towers. I predict Trump will push for the two state solution and promote the peace deal.

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