Brody File Exclusive Interview: President Trump Relying On God Now More Than Ever

Brody File Exclusive Interview: President Trump Relying On God Now More Than Ever



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  1. moi je représente la loi. tout simplement. les règlement appartient au pays. Mais. ?des bon règlement. car je peut intervenir. loi tu ne commettra pas l'adultaire. au Canada. o a 2ans. au ÉTAT ?ET EN ARABIE 10 a 20 ans de prison. loi tu ne tura point. au Canada 25 ans. max pour un meurte. en Arabie 50 ans de prison. et quand les prison déborde. Poutine a la solution. les parachuter dans une terre innacsercible. je n'est aucun pouvoir de pays. Mais j'ai le pouvoir monaitaire. AMEN

  2. Rather than relying more on GOD, Trump should rely more on FACT.

    His scorch and burn approach is going to screw the education system, make health care worse for millions, keep the minimum wage low, destabilise trade and send more jobs OUT of America, reduce jobs in the fast growing high-tech green sector, reverse gains in slowing climate change, reduce taxes for the wealthiest, ….

    Rash decisions are being made based on little or no research by a largely inexperienced group. Giddy with power they've decided to shake things up, without thinking about the broader consequences. The main rule seems to be : Reverse anything previous administrations have done (not just Democrats, but Republican as well), and don't listen to the majority of experts in any given field – no, just listen to your base whom you've also whipped into a giddy power-hungry frenzy, and who doesn't know any better.

    Trumps actions are un-Christian and un-American. The 7 country ban is another example of that.

  3. I'm a pagan that practices the occult from time to time and I research a lot on Satanism.. Also voted for Trump for certain specific reasons.. I don't think he's a Christian he just uses that as a platform. Either way, id rather live in a nation full of Bible thumpers than a nation ruled by Sharia law.

  4. President Trump, you are such a good man, father and husband. you are going to be the best President the United States of America has ever had. I pray also…you and your family are in my daily prayers. thank you so much for your sacrifice, it was a selfless act and we are with you 110%

  5. It's nice to hear this from Trump :). nonetheless if he is Christian or not, God has all in His hands and He knows what's inside everyone's hearts. I believe God gave Trump this position with a reason, because God has a plan with this world (I call it a masterplan). So many prophecy's are being fulfilled right now (especial Ezekiel 38 at the moment).

    this may costs the US's seat on the security council and sanctions against the US may be passed…
    Congrats Team Trump and republicans… the US is now higher on the list than N Korea and Iran for "dangerous" and "human rights violations"

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