EXCLUSIVE: When One US Missionary Dared to Share the Gospel in Putin’s Russia…

Donald Ossewaarde is the first American convicted of breaking a Russian law that bans preaching the Gospel outside a registered church.



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  1. Putin is to be commended for his profession of Orthodox faith, and his reminder to the West for the need of basic morality. It is too bad, however, that as learned, dedicated and reasonable, speaking globally, as he does, he seems uninformed of HIS church original history. That is not one of Orthodox strengths. He, and others, apparently over look contributing foundation of Orthodox as well as other Christian faiths. Where would Orthodox Church be without the great sacrifice "missionary effort" of those like Apostle Paul, Peter, Timothy and the rest. Even Russian Orthodox originated as a result of Christian evangelism of those from another country. Now, he wants to lump all outside beliefs, as deleterious as they may be, with Christian denominations. Does not seem compatible with his other sensible view points?

  2. I'm not worried about the jehovah's witnesses, the mormons, or the yoga instructor. But the Russian government has committed an unspeakable SIN, by forbidding the preaching of the Gospel. EVEN CHINA allows house churches to exist! Some of us in the West used to regard Putin as an ally of Christianity, but no more! Either he has been thoroughly brainwashed, or he is a coward, or his 'faith' is a front for political ambition—————-maybe all three.

  3. Without internet? Somebody said? In what world are you living in? This Russia is not of the 70s or 80s. Get informed. You are saying Putin’s Russia. Russia has a very strong Christian Orthodox Church. Why you have to interfere with the religion that Putin recover it after the Soviet Union . There people of different denominations. You are damaging the work that we should do to stop the Islam. You and other Republicans doing that are helping the left,creating division,misunderstanding. I visited Moscow in the 60s under Soviet Union, and the courageous orthodox priest tried hard ti survive, facing all kind of persecution. Use the history of Russia, learn and stop misleading the public, this is not the way to defend your believe. Educate your people, so they don’t make illiterate comments. Keeping people ignorant fabricate fanatics,kind similar to Islam.

  4. Cant blame putin for not wanting a bunch of fringe cults in Russia, the law is mostly targeting extremist Muslim groups, scientology and jehovahs witness. Why are you evangelizing in a country that is already 70 percent Christian?

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