Greatest Super Bowl Comeback Earns Tom Brady Top QB Honor

Greatest Super Bowl Comeback Earns Tom Brady Top QB Honor



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  1. That last touch down was a wrong by call the patriots have spying, tapping wires, bribing,and cheating their way to victory for decades! It's a fake touch down because the guy barely touched the red, and the ball didn't touch it's a fake.

  2. Nope. I think it was intentional. Brady had something to prove to the naysayers, so he let the Falcons have the first half – giving the fans 3 points right before the half-time. Then he took the second half, showing the world what the Patriots are made of – skill and determination! At the last 3 second mark, the commentator said they MIGHT go to overtime! LOL I was the only one in our group who could say – I TOLD YOU SO! My prayer was answered.

  3. I especially liked that all the players were courteous with each other – true professionals. That moment when the ref saw the two removing their helmets as if to start a fight – but it was their helmets locked together! LOL

  4. First and foremost I really don't understand how anyone with any true football experience and comprehension of the dynamics of the sport can honestly say that after observing the 1st two 1/2 quarters of the super bowl 51 spectacle that they didn't see how this game was "botched" or as many have termed it rigged. I've played football from 10 years old to playing for the U.S. Army for 2 years. Never have a seen such blatant and yet such mysterious contrast of performance than what I witnessed in this super bowl! Tom Brady was sacked and stomped over 5 times in the 1st half and first part of the 3rd quarter and then to couldn't be touched nor make an incomplete pass! And to be honest let's really discuss Tom Brady's greatness…
    well as long as he has a decent o-line to allow him to play mannequin in the pocket, he could play until he falls and breaks his hip like many unfortunate elderly people do. I think what so many of us football fans fail to understand about the greatness of Tom Brady is that it's not necessarily he's so talented or gifted as his numbers and championships might dictate but it's largely due to the offensive system he's been blessed to play in. Many might not believe or understand that, but when other subpar, unexperienced qbs have played and started in this system, on this team their win/loss records dont alter anymore than when Tom is starting. As they say, "It's the Patriot way". And as many have observed, the "PATRIOT WAY" seems to be steeped in scandals and let's just call it unsportsmanlike conduct. Being caught multiple times cheating to get an advantage is what is consistent with the "PATRIOT WAY". Tom Brady has benefited from these standards and customs along with oversight and convenient convolution of rules and ethics. As far as being considered the greatest athlete…are u serious!!? 1st off he's not that athletic, I mean the man runs the 40 yard dash slower than MANY offensive linemen in the league right now!! His agility could be considered "cold syrupy" at best. He will be in the discussion of greatest QB ever but never greatest athlete! Also three of his championship seasons should have an astride beside them in the annals of football history due to in those years scandal was afoot amidst the New England Patriots football program. Start Josh McCowan as QB for the Patriots and by the end of the season they'll be 11-5, seriously! It's the system people, not the talent of the afore mentioned. God bless

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