EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wilders Will Take Netherlands Out of EU

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wilders Will Take Netherlands Out of EU



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  1. before i'm forced to wear a veil, i will become the worlds first atheïst terrorist.. i will find your holy house and i will burn it to the ground..

  2. Leave EU and then what? Its not as if Netherlands has an economy. Netherlands owes South Africa trillions of dollars in unpaid reparations for colonisation.

  3. The cowardly Liberal dimmie jumps up, looks around to ensure other cowardly Liberals are approving and screams…
    "" RACIST. RACIST. RACIST. "". sits down smugly to thunderous applause.

  4. Geert Wilders you are my hero!!!! Long live freedom
    victims of jihad = 270million – enough is enough
    They are NOT refugees – this is the army of Islam coming to you

  5. In Europe  america and other non muslim countries having a illegitimate child born 70%
    Is bible tell them to do this Or toura.
    Quran definitely not.
    This is Europe's america's British
    Homosexuality is growing up in these countries. 
    Is this your religion.
    YOU and America  killing INOCENT muslim  peoples around the world
    Last 40 years what you think
    you are making peace.
    Not only hate.

  6. He does have a point. However the Moroccan Youth are Dutch so therefore you have to treat them like any other Dutchman & not so much Moroccan because native Moroccans who migrate usually contribute or I at least hope most of them.

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